Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ultra -man

I can't seem to get my bearings that are not nor have ever been my bearings at all
but bearings that were part and parcel of this and other horrible horrible programs concerning "give me a child.."Watson Lob-son child rearing techniques they still got thousands of paid shills calling MK Ultra ...why because u call something MK Ultra and what's the first thing one thinks ..Vot Shite iz This I be reading
why it even occurs to one indeed raised as Cohort the only reason there was a "trial" (if one can call the 1977 Church Hearings on Human testing  a trial ...instead what it really was..a Limited Op -now that chemicals (only microwaves and acoustic 'silent sound') were being used to Man -Shore-ian a Mate into a near lobotomized sense of senselessness to act ,sing,dance ,write or do most anything to keep the masses engaged in rather anything but what the real point of human ecology is all about managing people but on a much much lower scale.
Too many people might have once served a purpose in terms of "creationism" of modes of life
but "not so much ' as behind the scenes and scenes and scenes on screen after screen dimming down the collective into a perpetual 6 hz beta state (wireless) or good gosh we might look up at these towers here there and everywhere and wonder -WTF -have we done
or moreso WTF have they done while scaring the bejeezus out of us that a phone in hand means we might say our last tearful good byes to whom ever -is next -NOW MORE THAN EVER -in the Ether-ly skies -of course now swimmingwith terror and aplomb -at any moment
yes Dumbo
something more like that -graph The Mandlers
"How easy it is to GET one's bearings tissn't it BOY when one accepts one's place in Tings "

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