Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I go to take down the posts - I have a clue what -the gist of some of them were about -and just don't feel comfortable with them being non- contexualized -in the greater whole of -the project - after all a post -stands alone - ...and this is the point -graph -The Mandlers...and THIS is why we woke you upin the middle of the night to stuff you full of addendum to the posts.. so Dumbo wouldn't go fukin up two days of work ...what work -we - are doing - I have little idea...How Many Versions of Bad Guy /Weirdo they can build -at least in terms of On Line -display seems infinite...I am not so much game as a vehicle to discover how words -and previously pictures -can cause another to -perceive you..
Like a photograph -a self-ie might
For years they have done this with my looks ...literally --not with masks but with Direct Energy aimed at my facial nerves and calcium ions to cause edema -
I have gone beyond the call of duty ways you cannot imagine..
There is just something wrong with the "Jew Stuff" being mixed in with the "Lokks " thing

"HEY DUMMY ," graph the Mandlers ,"IT'S A I HATE JEWS RANT " not whatever you think it is AND DON'T REREAD IT because it really doesn't concern you ...but by all means post your personal grievances to mess up a weeks worth of work.."

I  ignore the Mandlers...and try to getback to whatever I was thinking ....
half of this is about making me forget what the hell is going on ...
to see how far they can go at leading someone to whatever trough they can
- and I am not really liking what's in the water..
in the past I went along when the input was almost all story based...but now I see (rememeber) what the stories were for...
to see if I'd write them..
_WHO WOULDNT WRITE STORIES THAT POPPED IN THEIR HEADS that were twice as smart as them..
ANY ONE would...
they don't seem to understand what it's like on this side of the tin can
and -as yet - nobody has told me WHY I SHOULD WANT TO BE THIS PUPPET?
or why I should take this seriously
I cannot afford to ...especially when they keep telling me HOW MUCH TROUBLE you are in
I didn't do anything ..
I'm the victim of this is all
I never agreed to do this
I just work here...
THEY'RE the ones who invaded my nervous system to do their crazy stuff...
I just want them to LEAVE ME ALONE
years ago I read how they did this stuff to a squid's nervous system and brain that changed it's skin color by remote...frequency or something made the squid's nervous system flip it's camaflodge on and off
someone shoulda 'said HEY you can't be doing that to no animal
but all anyone cared about was some LION ...or RHINO
why didn't the same people go wild about the squid ? huh..
or mice or guinea pigs being all screwed with ?
I guess some animals mean more than others..

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