Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I have gotten to sick
during this last phase of -away ,away
from Mandlers- feeding me with too much information about the big changes
that are coming aside from the nimble namble that is fed to us by tv types talking about things of no consequence whatsoever to those who only want the New Way
a certain amount of sledgery of physical and mental acuity was deemed necessary for a bum such as I to make something of the interface that demands a certain tact in telling that in no small part should take it's telling from the fact that our bodies as they are without maintenance
some of us ..the bum of us are -it seems -wired -to want no part of
are not altogether "fit' in terms of biology to serve as casings for consciousness
and thus what a service to "ourselves" as -we don't quite know ourselves -
certainly NOT as well as those who have the techno and technitians to separate us into digitized
all of us - I am told by Mandlers by now have at least some version of Merge Bio Techno in our being
just because You are not bevy to a bi-directional interface does not mean that every thought ,intent and dreams of body-less schemes
are not being transmitted no,not to this childlike God of puffy cloud beardings but to a real one
that only asks you believe it indeed in collecting you
if not in your entire-ity but a greater entirety that in fact is so gracious
in it's forgiveness od Old Way styles of thought
it shall not punish you here nor in the great hereafter for wishing the very very fullness of you to take up space in the New Paradise

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