Friday, February 10, 2017

The Book of Biff ( The 8th Floor Social Media ) How Effective Are Your Posts Fellow TIs -Perhaps We Can be of Help

so what your saying ? Dumbo wrote on Denny Pace's page
is this character about gets a nosebleed or something everytime he tries leaving your version of Gotham or something ?

NO you PERP who really DOES deserve to be called Dumbo by the way asshl what I'm saying is that the signals they try to read and send signals to in Targeted Individuals brains -that I suspect -along with God knows how many of the population unknowingly -have been basically poisoned with biotech or some virus type thing SHOWS in one's face -as plain as day -because Calcium Ion Flux is a side effect of the RF

hmmmmm...I liked it better with the nosebleed thing ...kinda' less spooky with the whole "OH ,my Nose thang " been Done Mista' Pace ...and by betta' men than you ..Are you a Man by the way ? Because -forgive me -there's just something -kinda' girly -kinda' nelly -about a dude going on about all this face sht -especially when this Dude has been given like super powers to talk to aliens and sht -to maybe not always look so fine

Who said anything about Aliens DUMBO PERPO! This is very real ,real stuff going on Right Here ,Right Now ...obviously you have no idea what you're talking about

Well Denny I think you should work on that whole Face Thing a little more before you just -put it out there--because I read a DC Comic about this Shapeshifter stuff you're trying to sell ...and maybe if the character you are trying to sell should like also -when he shapeshifts - grow fangs or maybe hooves or something

Fuk YOU Loser

Awww...Tis Denny Pace having a Bad Face Day ...serves you Right you god damn Ruiner

TI Tony
2 hrs ago
50% of All Americans are Chipped. They Don't Even Know. Let's Act Now!!!…/are-all-americans-being-co…/
Update, 10/28/2015: Please note, an aspect not covered below is that microchips, including this Verichip pictured below, are today being implanted in unsuspecting individuals and children I am sure …
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TI Surprise shared Yesterday at 3pm
Take Action, Post your Personal Pics (do not be ashamed of damage ! It is Proof ! Spread the Word. Show your JPEGS and Scar Tissue .Let Our People Go!.
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