Thursday, October 8, 2015

black mirror

"know what would be funny as f8ck Dumbo?,,,if we piped OUR stories through Dumbo's head..all day and all night
 just to get a glean of what works and what might not work cinematically if one were to for instance present certain topics dealing with Brain Interface tech on fella' in a manner that -OOOOOOOOOOh I don't know Dumbo might not get the Proxy's hands cut off and placed in front of the Hollywood sign and so forth..
but you can't relate to our threats and promises
 of bowing out on the Hand's Off 
 and going completely hands on ..and thus perhaps hands off in an entirely different way..
can ya' YET
and besides ---
what might hurt
my little Man-ed Man more !
 might be for him to type and type our stories sent directly to his nano spikes noggin
post them
as if they were his own

directly online and next see them produced "Black Mirror " style
by others..
others who might be told to look at what Dummy wrote ONLINE today

we told him not to
but you know Dumbo..
every little thought that pops in his head from his Mandlers and what is left of his own devices
as we whittle his little devices away and away  and away
 on his last breath Dumbo is..

but LOOK still the little kunt
chugs on thinking anyone believes him
vetted as evidence 'Look what they're doing!" in song and dance and screenplay

you ingrate simp
what ya' don't realize is
what we're doing comes across THANKS to the little stories a s shmucko  Dumbo being entertained by the interface
having  FUN with the "enhancement" NOT as  Psychotronic Torture..
further more it comes across to other so called Targeted individuals  as   Dumbo cheapening his and their  experience being  human guinea pig
actually," Evan graphs through my bio tech
I 'it comes across in such a way
that makes it appears as if Dumbo is getting off on the Project
never mind
everything you type on FaceBook and Google and Blogger becomes FaceBooks's and Google's and Blogger's
also no producer nor publisher would touch a moron's script or story
the Dumbo decided to post online
but someone "in the biz" might come across your amateur hour rantings  
and say hmmm
I could DO something with this half assed attempt at conveying something
like this ..."

"The story is too important to care about credit
 I graph back..Think back to Evan ...'..I don't care about credit or money ..

.also the "giving it away" of mind hi jacking
really is THE POINT of the story
 intellectual property ..OR the END OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY really is THE POINT of why this technology must not be allowed to  exist   ..and how NEURO TECH 10.000 the size of strand of human hair  should EVER BE ALLOWED to be  hidden because of it's supposed use as Homeland Security..THIS ..isn't about no Homeland Security it's about MONEY and using people..."

'You tell yourself that graph us that" Evan graphs ,'But I suppose you must tell yourself that ...all treasonous mutinous types pretend they have a reason...YET it seems to me ..someone writing a f*ckin screenplay...IS the one using something for money"

"I am well aware that once someone places something online it's 'community property asshl..' I graph

"Depends on how we cut the Neural Read concerning what you are well aware of ..doesn't it SCUMBO..we decide what remains on the cutting room floor prick..
The ' He thought She Thought "
he said she said of recorded  mind to mind interface really depends
on the
side of the interface with just few more bells and whistles of
some turncoat
with chips in his neural tissue and a laptop...don't it
 War Criminal!
Ya Know '..War Crime  do not have to be tried before a jury.." Evan graphs

'all Targeted Individuals who write or talk about the details of being used for neuro research are treasonous. War criminals do not have a right to be tried in front of jury for reasons concerning Homeland Security and can be disposed of discretely if necessary ," Evan imparts
"Making someone a human puppet ..a human lab rat IS the War Crime..Human Experimentation IS WAR CRIME !" I graph

"Actually Dumbo it's's allowed....all sorts of things  are allowed a punk like you won't find on Wikipedia .." Evan graphs back

"For all intensive purposes I AM INSANE remember?"I graph
"I am the victim ..I am a poor guy you tagged with bio tech no body believes
to anyone BUT Proxy Cyber
I am the guy who hallucinates.with some damn thought Disorder! Right all went out of your way to get me certifiable how many many drugs you slip me over the years Friend! to keep me literally certifiable ! "Dumbo said to the sock puppet upon  his hand.

shouldn't the man who wrote the episode of black mirror about xmas be held guilty of treason wasn't that episode just too much like one of the scary terrifying stories they put through a TI to make them go crazy .
who told the black mirror writer about that Imbue..that rendition...that "our team'; might find a way to make us PAY for ever and ever if we do not
live as subjects

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