Friday, October 30, 2015

sea monkeys as seamonkeys were supposed to be

The commercial for 'The Big Littles 5"came on the screen and Layla made a face.
Kate knew Layla hated "The Big Littles" and hated Layla for it
To Kate Layla 's dislike of "The Big Littles" was part of Layla's "Uppity" -ness ...Or what Neuronautics would call Layla's Constructed Quantifiers...something "someone like Layla" needed to build in herself to define herself with what Gary Rainy called Definitive Dialectics people like Layla especially used to keep themselves "away" from community.
Anything ,according to certain Ruiners that reeked of conformity or the herding effect of Mass Media
disturbed "this type " to the root .
"If someone .If a lot of people were LOOKING at something besides 'them" there was obviously something WRONG with what THEY were watching.
If a lot of people LIKED something The Ruiner will assume this THING that is liked is "only for those too common " to know any better. Many people who do not like Neuronautics ,Gary Rainy said "know WE have something GOING ON -so positive ,so overwhelmingly progressive ,right and bright" they recoil from The New Way as does a coachroach when the light is turned on.
"Why do you hate "The Big Littles " so much Layla? " Kate asked, aware ahead of time she would not care about one word that came out of Layla's mouth
.But Layla's ex husband Patrick had told Kate that" how people responded to TV" was very important for a number of co -companies involved in several Brain Map and Brain Inquisition Projects .
Kate figured she'd do Patrick a favor asking Layla about "The Big Littles" not really understanding what Patrick had said about several media companies and entertainment companies needing only Real Time Reactives to the second to second ,shot for shot of the broadcast program
ONLY in terms of physiological response to the broadcast stimuli ,concerning how TV effected areas of the brain that had nothing to do with understanding narrative but how segments "of mind" absorbed certain cross cultural themes
"mainly Patrck Pace had said "so TV could better understand understand how cued emotion effected the areas of the mind responsible for memory . So that tv could learn how to best trigger certain memories.

Kate wasn't sure if "it counted" to those who counted the number of times one's blinks during a Compo Cola ad
as meaningful neural data what exactly Layla thought about Parasol Picture's 'The Big Little's 5" that didn't concern reflexive automatic response .

According to Patrick a great deal of money concerning nano neural bio tech concerned reflexive response rather than one's inner monologue.
"I just don't understand "The Big Littles" " Layla said " literally i do not understand what is going on with these characters...I mean ," Layla ,said emphasized the word," AFTER " The Big Littles One ...NOTHING happens...Damien reads Adrien's mind
...and just stands there saying what Adrien is thinking
...but all Adrien is thinking
is what this man in jail who put chips in their heads places in Adrien's head right
..I mean are we to presume that Adrien has not had one thought of his own ever
...or does any thought Adrien has get over ridden by Ham..? both Damien and Adrien are ELFs right? Or Gnomes or some thing..but they don't really look like elves or gnomes do they? " Layla said

'Oh tell me Layla what DO elves and gnomes look like " Kate felt like saying if Layla had SEEN elves and gnomes before in real life and therefore was some authority on the subject"
"They're basically Elves who don't live in the snow ," Kate said,"AND Damien doesn't just read whatever is in Adrian's mind
he sings songs and dances the stories that he reads from Adrien's mind
...all to entertain Monroe Pettison . the boy whose tree they live in
Poor Monroe who is flat because he was rolled over by a steam truck.."

"No Monroe is flat because his mother forgot to put her seat belt on
and got in a car crash
and fell atop of her son
also not in a seat belt thus making Monroe only two inches wide because the paramedics were stalled when some terrorists blew up a bridge.."Layla said,drunk now ,"

" One elf is named Damian and the other elf that lives with Damian is named Adrian. "
Kate ,drunk as well said"for the moment forgetting any ill will she had or assumed she will have again begins to explain to Layla
as she might her own son Harper
the story

Damian is the alpha elf or something in the relationship between he and Adrien because only Damien can telepathically listen in on Adrian's brain signals which is why Adrien doesn't speak.
Each Tv show or each movie about the Big Littles begins with Damian tuning into Adrien's brain waves.
The stories and information inside Adrian's brain is placed inside Adrien's mind by a man named Ham.
Ham as you know is the creator of both Damien and Adrian as Ham used to work at a Genetic Factory..making new forms of organisms out of DNA and stuff...

.Ham made all sorts of organisms that didn't exist in the real world but Ham thought should -for the sake of the children- for instance ,Ham made ,Giant talking Rabbits and of course real sea monkeys that looked and behaved just like the Sea Monkeys were supposed to according to the box.
"Kate said,"Well,
as you know from "The Big Littles 1"
Ham started going a bit out of control
making so many new organic life forms that children would say they wanted to have
according to his e-mail account and phone

..Some the children asked for very scary genetically modified life forms
like pig spiders and octopus birds.
Well Ham couldn't just be Father Christmas or whatever he was
to one and not all.
.and began making whatever the children asked for.
.But when Ham made the Tiger Rhinos and the Tiger Rhinos began eating up many of the children's parents the authorities stepped in..
.and said "Slow Down" and think what you are doing .
"Yes Ham," the authorities said " we can write off the deaths of some of the parents as collateral damage for the greater Good of Science and such but "Ham they said have been warned .
.NO MORE genetically modified organisms except Gnomes and Elves.

But there was one request on Ham's phone that Ham could not resist making EVEN THOUGH he had been warned NOT TO.
.and as you know Layla from "The Big Littles 1
"that was sea monkeys mixed with the giant 4 foot locusts".
.well --we all saw that coming ..what happened with the sea monkey locusts swarms
..and how Ham ,now it BIG BIG trouble had to create this super large magna ray that changed the electromagnetic force of the atmosphere of the entire world. send enough direct energy toward the swarm of Sea monkey Locust Hybrids to send them crashing off course
in their hive like formation
into the very deepest pit of the ocean.

Ham of course was sent to jail
but the jailer was very nice .And the mayors from all over the world said "What Ham has done is horrible indeed! but Ham is the most fantastic amazing scientist in the world -and although he has shown he cannot control himself
we will allow Ham to have 6 organically modified organisms
that he can control telepathically from his jail cell.

Of course Damien and Adrian are the two of the 6 organically modified life forms that Ham can operate with Synthetic Telepathy from his jail cell.
The four half finished elves are I guess the equivalent of Damien and Adrien having children.


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