Sunday, October 25, 2015

the Beagle

I want nothing to do with the Beagle named Heath I tell XXXX and no more dog watching
will take place around here.
XXXX says Heath ,  has to stay here for the rest of the week.
I tell XXXX that I don't want to see the dog..
or even touch it.
He knows what happened with Heath being "somehow" removed from the house than put back in the house.
and the nasty images my Mandler's made me hear and see of Heath..
if I did not
Get up ,go out...and go about my daily routines and all
in my natural habitat..
in my natural environs
or whatever they call it.
"They have a point don't they...I mean an interface is a two way street expect them to send you flowers and roses when you won't so much as give them a THINK that doesn't include all the satellites being slammed by meteor showers .."
I can't always control my thoughts..
But my team can
Not very kind of them to send t XXXX that particular thought
without context ..
that by the way
I quickly fractal-ed into some form of "art"
and next some wall paper pattern I have learned to use as buffer.
I just want my Mentors to turn off the interface now and than
but they say that's not how it works
that I will have to get used to it over and over again if they turned it on and off.
I told XXXX the images they put into my mind when Heath was "missing"
of Heath being hurt.
"IMAGES Dumbo were all they were..THEY didn't DO ANYTHING to Heath did they...Like You would never really want meteors to destroy satellites or cell towers. ..They brought Heath back didn't they..."
I hear Heath in XXXX's room where I said Heath must stay
and see XXXX go fetch Heath and hold him up to my face
"Put him back in the room" I say.
And XXXX says to the dog ina baby voice " Dumbo is getting so mean lately ....No wonder his Mandlers have to be mean to wonder Dumbo must be kept on such a short leash these days," XXXX says closing the door
(2)2014 *Let your brainwaves do the painting Mind paintings
Last November a group of students from the University of Australia created Mind Paintings, an interactive project that reads brainwaves and enables people to “paint with their mind”.
Users are equipped with a wireless device and a wearable headset that picks up their electroencephalogram (EEG), measuring the brain’s electrical signals. The alpha and beta waves, which record a person’s attention and meditation levels, are then translated into abstract digital paintings.
In a live installation at Broadway’s Central retail precinct, visitors had the opportunity to sit inside a “meditative pyramid” and watch their brainwaves paint live before their eyes on a massive digital display. Their levels of stress and relaxation, picked up through brain activity, were reflected in the final digital painting.
The University of Sydney project was led by Dr Caitilin de Bérigny, a lecturer in the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts program, and international lighting designer Bruce Ramus.
“For the first time, we can get a creative glimpse of a person’s state of mind. The more meditative and relaxed the state of a person, the greater the visual impact on the digital canvas,” Dr de Bérigny says.
“The project transgresses the boundaries between the physical and the virtual. Thought becomes visual, mood becomes art, inside becomes outside. It shows us the potential that interactive technology can play.”

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