Wednesday, October 28, 2015

putrik patopuss and Methodist Mendacity

Kate watched Layla watching the TV. The 12 or so TVs all around the bar. Kate remembered Layla "going on" about the amount of TVs there were in Layla's"  Oppressive Repressive ' way, that Kate knew ,being a Level 3 Neuronaut was not unique to just Layla, but Layla's type.
 Although Layla was not a Jew according to the first addition of Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enway" Layla had what Gary called"Jew-ie Thinking" that had nothing whatsoever to do with 'Being Jewish" .
Gary Rainy ,back when he did mainstream media interviews and was  called to task for categorizing "Thinking Styles" based often on the Cursor -ailty Tests he had begun doing with the than new "latest thing" called the personal computer. (Gary had bought about 160 Commodore 64s that he asked a Level 7 Neuronaut to "rig" to combination EEG cap and revamped version of pinky sized Wheatstone Bridge the typist  wore on their pinky when asked during a Census Session to type a few paragraphs from "Inway to the Enways" on the keyboard).
Because the keyboard 's was rigged to what Gary Rainy called a "Rumination Station", a computer program that measured hesitancy between cursor movements .And because the Pinky Ring/See Meter recorded"thermal response " to KEYWORDS a client ruminated over while  typing (and the EEG machine pre neural spikes)  thus indicating  GIVE AWAYS in relation to what was written on the pages the clients were asked to type  .Gary Rainy stated in 1983 -that from just studying a few charts and time tables concerning how long the cursor rested between finger pecks at the computer keyboard Gary  stated he could  very create a reliable  Personality Profile  on whomever he was 'working with".

When some of the words used to categorize a client of "The New Way " were leaked to the Memphis Ohio Meteor  some more well known news papers picked up the story including the descriptions a Mentor made of a client "On the Road to Human Bettor -ness"through Science  .
"Jewie Thinking"
was just one term that journalists found fault with but also "Protestant Praecox" 'Methodist Mendacity" 'Catholic Compliant" ...

"The words I use don't mean anything .It is the words I don't use of say that mean everything" Gary had said to a note worthy journalist

"But what does that mean ? "The journalist asked ."What you have just said means nothing at all"

"That's exactly what we're getting at here. Finally you are beginning to put your Putrik where your Patopuss should be " Gary said

"Are those even real words Gary?" the journalist asked

" Are the words you just asked me "real words" or some words someone told you were sounds that meant things back when you were just in short pants" Gary Said

'Words ARE sounds that we are told mean things..Yes that is  what words are" the journalist replied

"Words created by whom ..? By you? By Me ? Gary said, at one of his last interviews ,removing his shirt ,than his he was known to do when he had decided the interview should end.

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