Saturday, October 17, 2015

on the way to Bimbombey

 Intentional Broadcast Dissonance to incite emotional turmoil in prisoners ( i.e. inexplicable  Stage Left and Stage Right entrance and exit of characters ) to encourage subtle mental disintegration of perception reliability
A large amount of money is currently spent  to break down a prisoner's sense of reality and thus reliability upon their own beliefs and thought processes with the addition of Neural Linguistic semantics purposely upon the prisoner with many methods of electronics meant to bypass the prisoner's mental functions . The expense of  Good Cop / Bad Cop  to fracture a prisoner's sense of self with methods of nonsensical word interplay ,homonym and repetition  are useful only if one has already garnered a nascent "read" of the prisoner's response( via facial/emotion ,thermal,pupilary scan  pertaining to  automatic response to either initiated or televised "events" is high. The financial investment in traditional and even mind scanning devices als very much depends upon the efficiency and efficacy of those  trained in these interrogation tactics face to face and more so  with the use of recorded  algorithm of brain response to  "Voice of God" Neuro Linguistic practices. Strangely the visual syntax of Television (placed either in a prisoner's jail cell or in the shared space of the prison facility) has often been given second fiddle to a prisoner's reaction to aurally induced plot and the study of inner narrative to only aurally inspired inner monologue . Real time modification of seemingly real time broadcast "events /plot "can be used much more  inexpensively to subtly subconsciously confound the prisoner's sense of time and thus reality .One must remember "the language of Television" is hardwired into the culture which expects (except in cases of parody -usually pronounced -of our  understanding of the medium's usual flow ) and has grown accustomed to what a CUT, ALTERATION OF POINT OF VIEW etc "means'.
 By purposely toying with 'The Language of Television" upon a prisoner unaware of this modification of the broadcast sound and image  the speed (and expense) of  inducing mental instability upon another's mindset can be decreased as well as the expense of transmitted Telemetry upon the prisoner . 
A TV viewer relies upon the programmer of televised activity to not create cognitive  dissonance. A TV  viewer in a way has an unspoken agreement with TV to stick within the parameter's of the unspoken contract that TV will "stick to the rules" of  storytelling that cater's to a viewer's own view of reality. If for instance a character begins walking or talking backward the TV will offer the view a reason this is occurring. But what if it did not? And what if cognitive dissonance was introduced in a less pronounced way respectively?

Tru Christie  1998 - Parasol Pictures

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