Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The Big Littles' (Return of the Babysitter's Boyfriend)

Layla counted about 12 TVs in the small bar.The sound of each TV was off.
Layla thought these boxed bits of back lit shining ,moving color always composed in a way the eye only dreams should appear more like painting rather than pollution .
Four of the TVs played sitcoms.
TV programs that Layla had remembered watching and laughing at.
Layla thought how odd it was that TV and film never left someone with the feeling of laughing, sadness or anything one felt
while watching it ,responding to it for even a minute or so afterward.
Or was it just her ?Layla thought .Now seeing herself and now her thoughts
from Kate's point of view
Layla thought about Charly Shaw being 'app-ed" with bio tech to allow TV and the characters from TV bypassing his eyes and ears
The TV and "The Big Littles", Charly Shaw, purportedly because he was autistic. The child's father reasoned in the article about his son that Charly responded to more to TV than "real life" because TV felt safer than "real life".Actors or images of people to Charly were "safer" than real people. In the article by Ben Shaw about his son the Trugenic Rational Laboratory not only transmitted the sound and vision of TV directly upon his son's temporal lobe now dosed with biotech but also feelings , genuine sense of synthesized emotion direct to cortex.

Layla stared at the TVs ..swirling her bar chair to take in all 12 of the TVs at once...even with no sound it was a sense of bombardment ,a sense sheer nonsense. Next Layla 's eyes feel upon one particular actor. An actor who had always appealed to her and tried to imagine what it would be like if her brain was now his screen . Her thoughts alone for him to act to...his 'Beingness' aimed directly into her mind.And her's to his.

A commercial for the 'Big Little's" broke whatever virtual reality of this New Way Layla began to try to imagine.
Seeing the red Big Little and the blue Big Little on the screen suddenly made Layla furious.
These horrible characters with their insipid voices and one liners /quips appealed to her own son more than she ever could nor would.

'What's wrong Layla ?" Kate asked,"You look like a Big Little without a box of Wocklits"

Wocklits were a special food that the Big Littles ate.
and thus Wocklit cereal ,cereal bars ,canned Wocklit spaghetti was her son Denny would eat.
Denny refused to wear any clothing that did not have a Big Little logo on it
refused to sleep on any sheets with Big Littles in it.

Why should Denny be "app-ed" for interface to bring him out of himself
with Big Littles to go inside him
when they were already so much in there.

Layla didn't where this rage at Denny had come from, certainly Denny had done nothing to be lost in his mind
but someone had .
Layla knew her ex-husband had known and wanted 'The Baby Sitter's boyfriend to
break their son
into pieces.
Kate moved her face very close to Layla's .Kate's expression ,this time was not something Kate knew to 'put on" at a bar.
It was genuine concern.
And somehow this was terrifying to Layla who quickly shifted her head toward the closet available screen.
Layla never talked about 'The Babysitter's Boyfriend" with Kate nor would she.
Layla had never felt so soothed or saved by a TV set.
Kate glanced up at whatever moving colors and shapes were "playing" and left Layla alone
Layla was behaving normally now and would not ruin their Girl's Night Out.

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