Sunday, October 25, 2015

active and plausible deniabilty

the subject refuses to move
the subject refuses to eat.
the subject doses himself with all matter of medications to blunt his thinking
the subject refuses to watch tv
the subject refuses to "Be Interactive' concerning the interface
'Sluggish Schizophrenia"Tru Christie said reading over my written notes.
we must write all of our notes about the Proxy
on paper
never type the reports on a computer, phone etc.
our job is to place neural data acquired by nonexistent lab animals
into the computer
somehow the computer knows how to interpret the data of the so called animal studies as human
after the data is sent through several front companies
including a Fish Hatchery somewhere in upstate Oregon
after being outsourced back and forth from India to Singapore
to sheen the data with so much coding and recoding
only than
can the acquired neural data be
de- encrypted on paper ,only for one time use at stockholder's meetings
to show these stockholders information that needs to "stay inside "information as much Brain Research
concerns Active Denial Systems
Plausible Deniability -according to Tru Christie active and plausible deniability are something of a "built in" concerning this particular type of technology
in part thanks to Parasol Pictures,a subsidy of Proxy Cyber who goes out of it's way to play up
'in the future ' CGI pie in the sky ,"Fire in the Sky "reasoning for any kind of so call-ed Paranormal Activity
what really matters
is that the collected neural data via the bio tech read to those in the industry of A.I. and Brain map as anything but human
but BE only human neural data
"Sluggish Schizophrenia" Tru Christie had said. And I take this for a win.
Although it is quite easy inducing thought ,alteration of brain signal sound and image upon a human organism with electromagnetic direct energy
it often takes months and sometimes years to manifest secondary symptoms of thought disorder in a human subject
concerning affect.
Sometimes when a subject 's soul and spirit is destroyed to such a degree that their affect remains distance ,lost ,gone...
even without the use of Neurotronics
we can let the Proxy go-
often to a state mental hospital
as once the Proxy has been damaged to such a degree
the state has not only the right but the duty
to treat the now un -use-able test subject with medications
which in themselves cause irreversibly organic brain injury
Tru Christi, CEO of Proxy Cybernetics and the TruGennic Rational Laboratory
says it's ironic that so many of our Proxy
eventually leave" the program" completely psychologically destroyed by A.I.and Brain Computer Interface testing
because one of the 12 million dollar grants to the Trugenic Rational laboratory
is about using the neuro tech to help cure thought disorders like schizophrenia
Tru Christie has said it is much easier to understand schizophrenia in subjects by taking the time and energy to induce schizophrenia in a subject
in one with no prior history of thought disorder
as to" reverse engineer" the mental problem and mental processing it took to
create this new synthesized insanity with a closed set of variables
Proxy Cyber and the new Trugenic Rational Laboratory have an ongoing deal with over 148 long and short term mental institutions nationwide and earn a 12 % cut from every patient 'Proxy-ed" into a state of warranted care.

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