Thursday, October 1, 2015


Liam says that by trying to write about it in a way that people might understand minimizes what is happening ....By you writing about what is happening in a streamlined fashion consumer product you cheapen the situation into fiction ..and isn't this what you are writing again the very people you are writing against ... aren't you against those in power those who control the media introducing 'The New Way" into Young Adult fiction ...and purposely adding elements of "Singularity" into the mainstream in nice 44 minute packages of "this is only a movie" ... oversatuating the entertanment field with variations of the plight of Targeted Indivudals...makes the plight minimized don't you see ?. Before the Targeted Indivdual the lab rat this New Way is beinbg built up was JUST the so called TIs being crazy BUT now thanks to movies and film "their so called delusions NOW "Oh you want to much Tv"..don't you see how it works..?" No ,I say. wishing Liam would shut up...I don't really know what he's saying but I can sense it is Ruiner talk.."You lose either way don't you...either you write it in a way that will come off as madness or you will seem to be just writing a story.." XXXX comes down and takes me into the kitchen saying "Is f*ckin' Liam putting those ideas into your head again//Ruiner ideas..'Liam is aginst Mind Reading Technology because he has things to hide in his mind that he should keep to himself ...but he wishes he will be able to keep his Abberation to himself ..not for long says XXXXX ..Liam knows his mind is too Abberant for insepction. and maybe unlike you Dumbo people don't think he is Resolvable.he's trying to poison your thinking.Ruiner NEED to bring someone down to Limitation....The reason we even keep Liam here as a roomate "XXXX says " is to see how you'll react to his Ruiner now you should know enough to think to your team you want HELP from the interface to think diversionary thoughts and hear and see diversionary visons to minimize whatever input he is trying to induce in you...ONE DAY the WORLD WILL BE FREE of RUINERS but not yet "XXXX says putting his arm around me the mean time Liam and people like Liam" XXXX says" should be olerated by you and recieved by you up here," XXXX says point to his temple"the same way one might RECIEVE an annoying jingle on the radio.. and than -in time ..your Mandlers will begin inducing that jingle upon your cortex...whenever a RUINER tried to spread RUINER about The New Way. to help..think of the help your Team gives you with Extra Sensory Overlay the way one might the cross or the symbol of the cross to ward off vampires. to ward off Ruiners.

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