Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trugenically Sound


Evan Rainy knew as soon as the thought  left his headset 
he was screwed .He should have known that Dumbo  would panic and over react...and begin typing the words "treason' and "war criminal' all over line
Evan watched the mirrored  screen  of Dumbo's hi tail it to watching with alarm Dumbo type "Are Targeted Individuals made fodder for human testing  treasonous if they scream or sought help from scientists ,physicists and policy makers online and off?
Evan knew  he would be called into Valerie Prentis's office-for thinking the wrongs things toward Dumbo
- as if Evan- just because he was Dumbo's Operating Tele -Presence ,could manipulate every word that came out of Dumbo's fingers.
for months he and Dumbo's other Mind to Mind Mentors had tried to de -pattern Dumbo
and terrorize him enough to ONLY think 'The New Way"
Never existed someone so adverse to being re -attenuated  and erased.
 Evan  knew for a fact that Dumbo went out of his way to  try convolute and   confuse the interface
Dumbo spent minutes attempting to askew
his intentions and second to second actions and thus evoked potentials
if you asked Evan Rainy Dumbo  did not do these things to remain sane but to get Evan in trouble .
If you asked Evan Rainy Dumbo  sought every chance he could to try get Evan reprimanded.
But of course Valerie Prentis WOULD NOT ASK him why his Proxy was once again out of control

Most of the Intefaces were deliberately Closed Loop
Dumbo 's thoughts could be read
but Evan had the computer as buffer to think back to Dumbo with as little as possible
but Dumbo grazed just enough
to be a problem..

Evan made sure more and more often to use the buffer even when Dumbo needed the emotion (usually Hz of dread  and  fear ) to accompany whatever point Evan needed to instill in Dumbo
to not think his idiotic cries for help online were getting him anywhere but to an inevitable 302
an inevitable involuntary commitment
The ground bound boys had already begun looking for Dumbo bait to pop some BZ and DMT
into his Big Mouth
The scumbag could use some time locked in some little locked ward thought Evan
The scumbag must learn he is whatever his "Team" interfaces him to be

The fun other teams said they had with Dumbo making him run wild in the streets
barely knowing his own name ...the  mixture of hallucinogens AND neuro data induction
never mixed too well with little Dumbo
who needed to re-validate his incredibility as nut case de jour anyway

Ask a Proxy NICELY to go to the local ER and say
"I intend on hurting myself or others these days" FFFFFFFFFFFFFForget about it."
the damn human subjects refuse to  make any concessions whatsoever
to keep it on the down low

Dumbo gets funny ideas when he's not remotely monitored and Interfaced he is a Pioneer for A.I. and Transhumanism and not just some husk
he used to buy this shit
used to believe the nasty stuff we did was ONLY so we'd understand
what an enemy might do with Neural tech's US who are the enemy to him...he is dubious now of "the War' and the reason for the War and what dirty deeds seem to be behind this war and all war..created only to line the pocket books of those financing the war
this war and all modern war..
you'd be surprised how long you can keep most of them going that the Psychotronic Torture
is also part of the way we re negotiate neural pathways in them make them smarter

in the beginning these morons believe  everything
but eventually
even the dumb one's catch on
that to us they are nothing but ectoplasm

Mainly we use Dumbo
now to teach others how to  best break another down with neuro tech
and I heard Dumbo's Brain Map
is being used  to help Proxy Cyber identify
Ruiners amongst us with even the least invasive mind scanning equipment based upon Dumbo's brain fingerprint
He still serves a purpose
but Mind to Mind aside..
and whatever inadvertent thoughts leak out of a Direct Neural Interface ..buffer or not somehow  Dumbo knows
his days are numbered.

Evan realized that what he had interfaced Dummy about Treason and War crimes was more serious than Evan had initially  thought when  it was Valerie Prentis herself  who came knocking on his VR helmet instead of one of Valerie's underlings .
Never mind that this little "tap tap"
and the words "In my office NOW" were probably heard straight to auditory cortex
by Evan's latest mentee spoiling the entire last 7 hours of
Evan's  interfacing rudimentary "hello Earthling" nonsense upon the acquired  Proxy doused with bio tech. Evan quickly pulled out the wire made for interface as soon as the  sharp click of Valerie's nail shattered the "barrage of fractal like geometrics " that accounted according now to Evan's superiors introduction  regarding the source of new human subject's  "possession'
"Never mind" ,thought Evan, removing his VR helmet  that whatever common dominant   reality he was attempting to insinuate upon the new Proxy's cortex concerning the "Communion" having nothing to do with "technology or human testing BUT a genuine "Calling"would now be forever
seen as questionable to the "new batch" who Evan very much doubted would believe a Celestial Being would be told "In my office NOW" by an Alien force that had decided to take over a human's body and faculties.

After the Dumbo fiasco a 2 days ago  and the problems they were having with other human subjects who were  presented  the brain link as just research
as according to many  in house "pre -screening' of Direct to Mind Interface it had been found that an Off Grid Black Budget type of agency using a person against their will for mind decoding and mind interface study was for what ever reason even more terrifying and therefore supplicating than a supernatural force be it a demon or alien. Something about the human subject's very faith in mankind as good or decent being destroyed  Evan  vaguely recalled from the after hours meetings .
Valerie at the meeting refused to even look Evan in the eye and not a word was said about WHY the sudden change in format.
The next morning when all OTs were called to the office at 7am
memo after memo had arrived to each of the OTs that from now on ALL Imbues were to ONLY be based on "The Raindrops"..the cosmic magical supernatural "glitter" that Gary Rainy wrote about in ?Outwards to the Enways" in 1967
The bottom line was the OTs could not seem to keep their Mind to Mind  Proxy in line with conditional reward/punishment psycho cybernetic interplay
and no longer could OTs in general be trusts to "Play it by ear or  auditory or visual cortex  the day to day YOU think this I think that
"So much for interface that might not insult the human test subject's  intelligence

(2)   The conference room was always packed with fellow Operating tele-presenters
when Evan sat
and Valerie was already half way through her lecture to the OTs
..' from now on
thanks to some our Teams
losing control off their Proxy
we all must revert back to the maudlin
interfaces toward  Proxy
and thus as OtTs as "Walk In" upon a human subject' the tether now explained
as "Alien Encounter"
Collectively the OTs sighed realizing this method of "Please allow me to introduce myself "
often concerned
 endless interfaces from the  Proxy thinking to the OTs "Is there water on your planet?
Are you a plant, animal or mineral?
"yes ,' Valerie stated ,"thanks to some of  us here at the table   Once again  it will be endless Neural Data directed of   limited role play
Hours and hours of  OTs now perceived  as "Pie in the Sky' inhabitants with genuine telepathic capabilities the human subject thinking he or she is introducing the Unidentified Life  Form to their first fish taco by interface
the Proxy  asking you who must 'play" Unidentified Life Form  for  planetary intervention
concerning the  depletion of the earth's rain forest ,global warming and  the "What the World needs Now is Love' leanings of the human subjects
Valerie could barely hide her rage
"Yes, now thanks to certain OTs ...Neuro Linguistic Programming
and evoked potentials at least for some time are of no purpose
and thus
NO MONEY for those who seek such studies
yes ,thanks to certain OTs that shall remain nameless
for the last 2  days tech staff have worked 20 hours a day adjusting all out going auditory over lay to sound non human..
To sound "alien'-
never mind that nobody really knows  what a genuine "space alien " sounds like.
after all 'Valerie said to Evan ,Evan hoping nobody caught the gaze"
hours and hours had to be spent by  various Muralists who create  stories for the Proxies from films about Aliens depicted onscreen from the 1940's to now to try to get some inkling of what MIGHT PLAY
If you ask me this Unified Voice  sounds  like a across between Alvin and the Chipmunks  and "The Voice of God" from the second version of  Cecil B. Demille's 'The Ten Commandments"
and thus that is what all of you thanks to a new Voice Simulation system will sound like upon the Proxy'sauditory cortex

years of work
and we're back to "Hello Earthling" again Valerie said to the group in the conference room stamping out 
Evan  ,glad it was over followed was glad  the angry OTs from out of the conference room

Until he heard Valerie told him  " close the door and have a seat Evan ," Evan sat watching Valerie fold her arms saying " So,you didn't know how to stop Dumbo  him from typing something you decided to think to him that he could be found guilty of treason."

"yes," Evan said

'You do realize that some of the work we are doing with bio tech is being practiced for a New Form of Government that has little ..IN FACT nothing whatsoever to do with the laws of this one and you inciting Dumbo to think and thus type  his "mandler" has told him  he may be found guilty of Treason for writing about being a human lab rat for Brain computer Interface sort of INFERS that INDEED this government is doing human testing ...May I remind you The New Way of  Neuronautics is not yet in control of the government and will not be until we get our man .Our Adam Parker elected . Does it not occur to you that not everyone would be very keen on discovering Neuronautics is practicing The New Way on a Few Useless men in the current legislation?

"Yes," Evan said

"but you baited Dumbo to Ruiner things"
Valerie said

"Dumbo is a Ruiner " Evan said

"No Evan you are the Ruiner only a Ruiner or someone a hell of a lot dumber than Dumbo would try to control their ward by interfacing to the proxy He is Treasonous...treasonous to whom Evan...Neuronautics? What happens if someone begin looking into Neuronautics? Not the way we present some fringe cult like joke ...but as what we are...what we were created for to begin with?  back in the day of  Ewan McGregor and needed to find a place to practice New Ways of influencing people within our own borders? Was it not made perfectly Clear to you that Dumbo and the others are allowed to type online because we need the damn human subjects to type online  because Proxy Cyber is not able to keep computer files on who we "app-ed" and de-patterend and disoriented and "app-ed ' up with Merge bio tech..These human husks that type away their SOS save me save me are the only hard data we can present to sponsors of The New Way that indeed Psychotronic Torture and Brain Entrainment WORK!as example that Merge bio tech indeed drives dissidents and would be dissident half mad?..And you do realize " Valerie said ,her eyes furious"that the last thing we want or can  afford is some concerned congressman ,senator or citizen knowing what  this foundation ,this church ,this front ..this new political platform is  working up. NOT ALL THEM in the beltway have been bought and sold Evan..."changing her tone Valerie smiled "Not everyone is on our side ..there are still some very concerned ,very Jew-ie intellectual ,all heed the constitution types out there that would like nothing more than to destroy the New Way BEFORE we can destroy them"

Valerie ignored him saying ,'We'll go back to The Raindrops * with Dumbo.You'll remind him that the entire nanotech bio tech story was a way to make the supernatural Communion  less over whelming to him that nano tubes and bio chips are metaphor for something a lot more serious-The Raindrops -the Entity gave Gary Rainy in a place beyond time and space...Think to him that you were trying to warn him a way he might understand at what is at stake here,,by speak of treason and human subjects who talk too much being war criminals. Make it understood to Dumbo that The Laws Higher than Man are commanding you..."Valiere paused,' Hey ..didn't we interface some shit to another Proxy all this stuff about underground facilities in England and Idaho and stuff housing Alien Life Forms ..Who demand they are allowed to do human testing..? Some wild stuff about disembodied souls of humans being trapped in cages in these underground labs..see if you can steer Dumbo to 'Fire in the Sky ' explanations and away from the  Kazarian Illuminati stuff.This return to Space Invaders might be temporary. In a way it's good the words Treason and War Criminal are in that turncoat 's craw..I wan that fucker to know that when we finally make the new laws   that Ruiner will know just what he has coming'

i must know The Truth
and most of all

must stop calling the things in my body ' apps' or nano particles

and if i keep telling every one around town about what happened in califronia with the strange people who "took me under their wing"
I will be in big trouble with forces
beyond my comprehension

these things they put in me nobody wants to here about
and i had better shut up

where  i came  up with this notion of Nano particles is beyond him

I graphed that some guy told  me in LA,and lots of people told me..
i graphed i had to look it up online..

and than i came across all this stuff ..about direct neural inter face and all the universities testing it on non person type..and people in prisons

it's misinformation evan said

 and if you keep talking about nano
or nano particles
or human experiments

i can get locked up
or worse..

what's inside of you is Raindrops
and to have raindrops inside you
is a gift

Evan  Graphs says Gary Rainy was known to have special way of thinking that allowed him to
cross into otherrealities
 at a  drop of a hat ,while sittin in an easy chair
 Gary Rainy  could travel through time and space

on one of his many journeys
out side his physical shell
he found himself transplanted to a civilization somewhat like our own
 trillions of light years away on a different astral plane
a leader of this planet gave Gary Rainy  a telepathic Mid to Mind think
the secret of How To Be

he also gave Gary rainy
a small wooden box containing  what the leader of this advanced civilization  called"Raindrops"

the leader of this advanced society from light years away said these little teeny tiny inserts
these tiny drops
could enter another's blood stream
and could save the world
 and that Gary Rainy  now privy to this knowledge could  and must share the supreme knowledge of how to be and act
by dispersing ...ever so carefully
 the tiny inserts
The Raindrops ,
that allow you to see and hear things nobody else can
and  also engage telepathically with Entities from another world

 you are not some human experiment Dumbo
but  in genuine communion with forces beyond man's comprehension
and these Entities you are messing with! are getting very angry that you are sharing sacred knowledge of other worlds Dumbo!


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