Thursday, October 22, 2015

the ELF in Monroe's backyard

Layla was old enough to remember when one could go to a bar (or super market or fast food restaurant or taxi, for that matter, without a tv set playing in it)- but still couldn't understand why MILF needed to have 11 tvs on 11 different channels at the same time in a public meeting place people presumably came to  get away from a TV. And at least attempt to co -produce a  reality they had chosen themselves to create , with all the limitations of "being real" without  the aid of 2 SHOTS, carefully purposed CUTS and the ability to speak appropriate or  inappropriate dialogue to set a scene with no scripts  but their own to carry them forward .
And physical  appearance worth less currency than the one or so percent of people born with the  Telegenics that "got them work " in the entertainment business .With the TV s everywhere Layla could not turn her head without  seemingly having to to vie for the attention with actors .
Along ,she supposed ,with  the other  men and women looking for love, lust or just someone to lean upon who came to MILF(or any bar) without the wardrobe ,posture lessons ,cheekbones and jawlines that glowed in High Definition all around them .
Thanks to the proliferation of TVs everywhere it seemed to Layla that the bar patrons weren't just competing with each other for attention but the almost affronted attractive -ness of the actors on the TVs that all but minimized the Pilates  and ab crunches those not "born to be broadcast" had to work with..

Still the TVs gave Layla something to gaze at so -at least-she wouldn't appear too alone or "God Forbid" evoke a countenance that "did not fit with" INT-BAR -NIGHT.
Layla watched on the screen a quick news bulletin about an Jewish Man beaten half to death by Neo Nazi's in Paris segue into a ad for Greek Yogurt  which was Swirl-ishly  Delicious and next a  fade in on an new   an ad for  Parasol Pictures 'The Big Littles 5" not only to be shown in 3d at the local  Imax but Holographically  at the local planetarium.
The Man focus of 'The Big Littles" movies and Tv Shows was on a  red ELF like/Gnome like  creature called Damian who had a long tail and horns upon his head. Damian lived in a large hollowed out tree atop of which stood  a large cell like tower which presumably served the communications needs not only of  Monroe's foster family but the community as well.
While  some of the mechanisms on the tower attached to the tree were  recognizable to the audience .
 Some equipment on the towers were   unexplained .
 Damian had refurbished the  hollowed out section of the tree beneath the cell tower like appendage atop the crown of the tree into a quite comfortable living space .
Damian the ELF like Gnome quite  less than one foot high lived  lived  in this minimal but rather expansive living space with an ELF named Adrian , who was blue in color and like Damian who  had a  long tale but instead of having horns on his head Adrian had protruding antenna on his pate.
Damian and Adrian somehow had four children.
All six of The Big Littles lived  beneath the magical tower in a hollowed out hole made "loft"  behind a six year old child named Monroe's house

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