Friday, October 30, 2015


we do not speak much about gink,link ,cnik and roe
the 4 pieces
of ectoplasm
made by Ham
before Ham was put away

often the narrator will get their names wrong

'writing of link  as mick and cnik as zik
or Cush, , Phut and Canaan and Roe
but there's a reason for this .a reason quite reasonable
I get their names wrong
.                                                  the 4 big littles  named gink,link ,cnik and roe
                  are always in the background
in not just the movies posters for the Big Littles movies ..and in the  tv cartons
they play
 much smaller roles in the all
 but one of the Big Little's films
The Big Little's 4

I get their names wrong not because like- some critics say-
THAT cush .phut canaan  and roe
are only used as  artifice to keep the Big Littles franchise going
I read
books and magazine meant for
real people like you

I get their names wrong
because the four Big Littles( besides Damien and Adrien
the "stars" of The Big Littles Movies )
" being-ness" changes all through the movies

because Ham makes this so with his majik powers
Ham said in  Big Little one that  gink,link ,cnik and roe were a present to Damien and Adrien
so they would have a sense of family in the Oak tree they lived in behind Monroe Pettison's house
Ham says that gink,link ,cnik and roe
are "un finished genetically modified life forms' unlike Damien and Adrian
that Ham wanted to see
what  gink,link ,cnik and roe  might become concerning evolution
Ham admits he would often use gink,link ,cnik and roe to get a response from Damien and Adrian
by subtly changing their "beingness' through majic  remote means
BUT Ham said do not think of gink,link ,cnik and roe as drones
but more as The Eminations that flicker through all time and all space and all-ness of everything all at once
and watch how Damien and Adrien CHANGE in repose and all fancy words
when "these seemingly meaningless " characters
get happy
something unsaid
something there are no words for
to cause Evoked Potentials in another.
I swear!
because NO ANGEL would participate in human evolve in such a prurient manner
would they!

NO .they would not!

maybe all actors on TV are in some ways demons ?
maybe all singers are demons /
because they perform ONLY to gage a response
to create emotions in another
to "play them" to play their mind like a piano
NOW I want you to laugh! Now I want you to CRY
Now I want you to BUY this.

no...actors on tv and movies and singers are not demons
because we turn on the tv and radio to be played with

but one's who hide amongst us playing a part
without revealing their motives are demons

but are they?
If THEY are controlled by Eminations that over ride their senses..
and will..

certainly Ham made it very clear in The Big Littles ONE! that gink,link ,cnik and roe were placed before Damien and Adrien to see how
small adjustments to"The Enway" (or neural highway) effected another organism's thinking

Ham ,a scientist
like most scientist
has reasons for everything
people with reasons for everything are always un accountable

at least to themselves

I would like to know what Damien thinks about all this
but Damien at least in The Big Little's 5 movie trailer
still does not know or won't know exactly what Ham 's reasons for gink,link ,cnik and roe
and always were

with telepathy
 makes the 4 Big Littles change the way they appear and posture themselves and groan (I have never heard any big little besides Damien or Adrien speak)
not just to get
a laugh
but to get a 'read" from Damien with Ham's tele-pathy 
and neural reads from Damien
to see
how Damien responds
to even the slightest change in Emination

of course Damien and Adrien ..don't seem to know that they are reacting to the 4 Big Littles
almost imperceptible changes in mood and mode

to Damien and Adrien and even Monroe Pettsion
gink,link ,cnik and roe
the 4 pieces
of ectoplasm
 the 4genetically modified life forms
controlled by Ham

Damien  believes he has control of these unformed 'extras"
but  actually
in way
they  have more control over Damien than
maybe Damien has on them

their very silence through most of the films
is deafening
is the phrase people use

and this deafening -ism  in my opinion
has effected Damien
in ways only Damien's Mandler understands

and I doubt very much that Ham, Damien and Adrien's Mandler reveal
any of this
 to Damien or Adrien
least of all (probably) to  unformed 4 Big Littles
always in the background .never foreground of the Big Littles movies
and always
considered "the ones you don't want to be" in The Big Little's video game
or don't care if you miss
at the Big Littles on Ice.
or care if you miss
at the Big Littles Amusement Park
the Little  Big Littles rides that only have krink.hink,drik and roe
to ride on
always has the shortest line .

so of course I get their name wrong

their names change
in the movies too
and movies should know better
don't you think ?
in The big Littles 3
 the yellow one is named rink. in the big littles 2 was named Link
if I get their names wrong it is not  my  fault really at all

not entirely
nor is it my fault maybe more than entirely I am who I am
i who write this
I have had my share of bit part players
shifting modes and methods and mood
in my life
who were as 'man-ed" as I was
to make me
the man I am not today

I am grown but will always ,always be Big Little
why give you reason
for anything I say
when I am  have been given none
and also every reason you can think of
 sometimes  so much reason
I become reasonable to a fault and pliable enough to  bow down
or reasonless enough to a fault to  pliable  enough to bow down

to a new madness
that is all the rage in Paris
Berlin and Sweden
to my own "Ham" Operator

who has not yet
been put away

some where

but as you must know dear reader..I have been

many times

 I show you rather than tell you
in the manner I write

that I am but a madman
 writing rantings
if I did not
I could not write
of it

at all
or this much...let's be honest-

I am as deliberate
as they were than
and are now
in their deliberations

I have been exposed  to
 since the day I was born

once I gleaned a think from them
that even my 
mummas belly  was piped and pinched   signals and waves and pulse
to make my cells beat to a different drum- pre natal-

mummas was unaware of the silent sound
"Her Team"placed all in and around the house of lies
for Life Science
 for the greater good.

but don't believe me

they might "catch you" Knowing -it is all true

 they might do to you
and your family what they did to some many
back than and into the Now
once one is "in on the experiments. The experiments keep coming"
some based on the one's before
some just continue with whatever is left of you

there is nothing left of me
and therefore I just might attain the right to be a killer
rather than just a wacko
it was a role I was born to play
and the reason I must write every day
so when my time at bat comes
there will be such a mish mash of meandering mush left online

people will know it was my delusional state that \"mad ehim dood it"

 random killings
create just very much the same kind of changes to society
(and it's protection from  terror
 and I hope more surveillance FOR ALL)
that gink,link ,cnik and roe
do upon The Big Little's   Damien and Adrien
in The Big Littles movies

besides this bog of blog
I have many records of my un sane qualities
recorded in many data files
concerning my mental state
and the various state hospitals I have been in

so when the time comes for me to "do my part " in this "collateral damage " like
to lead to
ultra sensitive mind scanning on 'TYPEs like ME"
as according to some
"this terrorism" reasoning is not enough
to promote more invasive "Mind scanning" technology

is a different story
we iz everywhere
and you bet
some of us be violent as
as a Big Little on a Bug Juice Binge!

         put away
              and played with
                 they drove me mad to make me sane

WWWWWWWWWWoood house
mouse house !
now they just want these tests over
and me to WAIT to commit my "act"
and leave this story be
as evidence of A tYPE
a madness
we must
(a_ remove from das internet!

it was to be so
I be das crazy one in this play
and if I ever slip away
and so NO NO NO
I will type and draw no more
for YOU
to be
the KIND
that must be

made an example

no doubt
some one is always there for me to set me back
to the sack

a drug
a pulse
a wave
a cue
a boyfriend  YYYYYYYYYYYuuuuM!

it was decided
and written
and mapped and graphed
I would be this
son of Ham
son of Flubber
son of a bitch
son of Rosemary
 and Moby's Porcelain
and a Brim Full of  Asha on da' 45

each few days
a new maze
I was placed in but not the type one thinks of when one sees a maze in one's mind's eye

more like the maze Damien doesn't know he is in
in that hole in the oak tree
behind the Pattison's  Home
he treats the unformed ones
unwanted guests in their own home
for they do not move much or blink much or say much except to get a rise or reaction out of Damien
when Ham
wants Damien to get interactive

most of the time The 4 Big Littles one green one orange one yellow one white
stay still as sculpture against the wall
they do not move or make a sound

except when they do

I am given more reason ..
and no reasons at all simultaneously
the better to make me
less and more
black and white for better transmit .
I was raised  only one Hzs .
a drug
we called wired before it was named  wireless

my keepers my makers we worried and concerned than poking wireless radiation all about the house
through walls
into and through the bodies and minds of all who took part in the puppet theater that was home
it is now to think and know
those who agreed to play moomas and  pupa to me
as would stage actors might
were also turned into play things by those they trusted with
only asked them to harm the baybus
for science
and world piece
and because some knew
some would go for it
for reasons
'that reel of
the primal primousities in certain "types"
that enjoy tearing at their young
to see if they can find any of themselves inside the torn tissue and end trails

 when the wireless is set to act as on and off
bubble or burst to one's gate and un gate this neural pathway and than this one
I am many characters
because I
like Adrien and gik,sik,wik and roe
have been made only to be made this way that way and than who knows
but the algorythem
that decides which man I am to be ..(not pretend to be but be by remote0 toward other men and woman and children and such
born to
in this extraordinary test of act /react
on and off
you say tomato I was tomato
you say stingo and I say dingo
the dingo ate my baby leads to black hair dye
and the hair cut I was made to wear from 1981 to 9/5/ 82
867 5-309
the one after 909
the 411 ...the wah wah wah tusi
I am off and ruining
and running
out of time
an entire day spent stretched out like dink,kink .jink and roe
who stand heba-phrenically still
in the small dug out hole in the tree behind Monroe Pattison's house
where Damien and Adrien live
a life made up for them
out of not so thin air but the stuff of airways
that is a virus and a valentine
they say...on tv and they say on tv ...and the tv never stops ..
it used to stop
it did I tell you
sometime around 2 am a flag of some nation that used to be .
or still is
but never really was what it used to be anyway
would appear and a song would sing
and than a noise .a horrible noise if you weren't prepared
would sound
and a horrible but beautiful new form of gray
white white black black little dots ..and lines and lines ..but dots  more than lines busting and burping
not quite in time with the music of white noise
and off air
this is when I tuned in
because in the house I grew up in
not some different than The Big Littles
an experimental house
on a haunted hill
this noise of TV as loud sound played into our ears...NO
it skipped our ears...
and went right into our minds ..silent sound
it was  a voice of dots and black and white screams ..
straight to skull
frip frop frey effect to cause affect ...
and alterations in neural pathways ...
that went with the pulse the wavelength that bypassed sight
and tickled and pickled our visual cortex..
to adjust what the me becoming we.
thought and also saw
it was a time of needing to know how a person ticked
it was a time when certain homes
raised children like ticking time bombs
for future futurists to
study and clock. And detonate at will
in 1982 I had a haircut that went with the kind of killer one sees as mental
it was something I had to wear to school and to sleep in
I was asked to bring
that look back
for "the event"

back than 'the look" was
something to cause evoked potentials and mocking  and teasing
to make me strong enough
cruel enough to kill without
or that is
what I am told
 to write
right now  now

so it will 'read" as the type of crazy we need.

I am a big boy .
I can also become super small
small enough to crawl into Damien and Adrien's house
and mean enough to kill anyone
with the right
set of
to my markers.
I am ultra man

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