Thursday, October 29, 2015

touch of a button

Kate assumed correctly (according to some of neural reads Layla's  ex
 let her see,let her hear )
that Layla only presumed herself to be found an' Oppressive Depressive 'by Patrick
and not by others in the  Neuronautics Group
as Kate had never joined the group.

'You know the type,' Kate thought 'too much the" individual" too "special" to "just be" one of many.

Layla ,so self involved never bothered reading Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enways"
and thus didn't know( according to what Kate knew) that Layla's condescending remarks about Neuronuatics were duly noted by many
and Layla's standing or lack there of in the Neuronautic's community
was a full on - Ruiner.

Ruiners projected their Ruinerous thinking into the atmosphere ,into  rooms .The Ruiner's energy seeped itself into plants  and animals alike..
A Ruiners Emanations latched onto neurons  as much as they settled into creases of curtains and groundwater.

Seeing Layla's  neural spikes present on Patrick Pace's computer
which was specially geared to garner Layla 's thoughts
only confirmed to Kate that Gary Rainy and Neuronautics were absolutely correct that
a person's feelings, concerns, loves and (with Layla) her hates
were not just intangible 'thoughts' inside one's mind
but measurable energy-

and energy  released as energy must.

Kate could imagine Layla looking at her own encoded moods ,perceptions,  little voice in her head on Patrick Pace's computer
and telling her that-" it was only the bio tech
they had spiked her tanning lotion with
that allowed for a person's private signals -emotions-feeling-
to actually transmit into the atmosphere.

Kate watched Layla touch the cross around her neck
Kate knew from Patrick's recall of Layla's private thoughts   that Layla used the cross as a sort of delete button for "bad thoughts'

Layla. who claimed that Neuronautics was nonsense
 and one  's thinking doesn't Emanate into the air? Thought Kate

'Than who are you praying to?' Kate wanted to ask Layla
----Who is it
Up There
you wish to absolve your bad thinking...

A hypocrite, thought Kate of Layla
presuming there  was a Lord billions of miles away
 who could somehow collect and read her thoughts
thought itself

Right Here Right Now
 on this plane
does  not
COULD NOT travel around and effect the" Electromagnatics of it All"
as Gary Rainy said .

Kate told Layla that the next round of drinks was on her, expecting Layla to tell her she had had enough
 and was worried about Denny and wanted to go home
but Layla simply said thanks-
as if Layla knew- how much of her "Emit" Kate felt latching upon every molecule of her Being..
eating away at her much earned de- patterning
of the decades
 and eons of Emit and Enrot
that Ruiners spread like disease.
with their every waking and dreaming thought

Kate was asked by Neuronautics to 'chum up ' to Layla
and keep her ears open for any talk about "what Layla  believed "was done to her son"
by the group
help Denny Pace help science
by showing science
 how a mind can break into one hundred little pieces
when exposed to Induced trauma
to be eventually put back together
in one hundred different ways

Layla kept 'that subject' close to the vest.

Kate watched Layla raise her glass of vodka and cranberry-a toast-
and Kate followed suit.

Kate than removed herself to ladies room and took out her phone
 and set it
the phone
 to an "app' that Neuronauts used ,as well as many researchers at Proxy Cyber -
 that altered the phone's  built in features 
to silently ,invisibly release a small "dose' of extreme low frequency"
an ELF wave
that Neuronautics had taught Kate  could "attack" the Enrot that Layla (or any Ruiner) emitted at least until she could get to a Neuronautic's Annex in time
for a "full de-patterning ' Census Session with an accredited Mentor
for a small tithe.

Kate used her phone as one might a fumigation device
running it up and down her legs and arms ,her head ,hair ..everything.

Supposedly at upper levels in the Neuronautic's program
there were phones that  were premade to
release focus  ELF waves to laser precision  to stop a Ruiner's Emit at it's source

the Ruiner's actual brain could be beamed  with enough frequency
to alter a Ruiner's emotions..make them suddenly suicidal sad or suddenly ecstatically happy.
literally with just a touch a button

Patrick Pace had told her that the bio  tech in Layla's mind could be "tapped" to
alter Layla any which way he wanted
According to Patrick  there were algorithms created at  Proxy Cyber that could to mimic the exact
on and off and sequence
of neuron fluctuations
to induce in effect
any number of drugs

Patrick explained that all drugs used for mood and "to get high" or "less anxious" or "happy " or "to sleep"
 were  chemical vehicles that created different neural peptides and synapse centers to light up
with bio tech attached to your dendrite and in your neurons
get to 'skip" the need for a chemical to cause a chain reaction
as "the interface " to the neuro tech" does the same trick

according to Patrick Pace who worked at Proxy Pharmaceutical
all the "fun drugs" they were working on
were now based only on wireless and bio tech that went with Brain Computer Interface

When Kate asked Patrick why he couldn't
do anything but read Layla's mind rather than "play with it"and therefore "play with her"
Patrick said he wasn't trained for such 'services"
and there were many tests being done  that required the "Proxy" to "do as they would" without
any inducement
The initial studies are mainly based on the human organism in their own  habitat
working with whatever past "just happened" to happen to "make them' what they were

One reason we needed Denny and kids like Denny 'raised NOT on Happen stance
was to control the experiments
better knowing 'what past" creates 'what present" concerning personality and so much more...

Kate ,always got bored with Patrick when a lousy explanation of something he did at Proxy Cyber turned into a damn lecture hall
and snapped Patrick out of himself
with a tight grab of his backside

" might change  after  we can get  her to take Denny to the "Trugenic Rational Laboratory'Patrick had said before her lips cut him off.

Finished using her phone to "de -latch" her self from Layla's "Emittance " Ingrains Kate rejoined Layla at the bar.


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