Sunday, October 25, 2015

the sandman

"he won't play with Heath " Evan said standing outside of Tru Christie's office.
"and this concerns me why Evan? Tru Christie said "...
'You used to want updates on whatever Dumbo was up to.." Evan said..
'And what can you gage from Dumbo's thoughts that he might be up to Evan ?" Tru Christie said crossing his arms...
"That he suspects we will use Heath as some kind of way to control him...and send our guys to take Heath away and then back screw with him...or send him mean images of Heath being hurt if Dumbo continues taking benzodiazepines to try to run away from the interface..
"Which means what Evan...which means he's really no longer of any use is what it means..and what does that mean .....that means I no longer care what Dumbo is up to ..because as far as I am concerned Dumbo is already gone.
.he's an Unresolvable..." Tru Christie said
Evan had heard they had begun hitting Dumbo with more and more direct energy...and that the levels of "juice" they were aiming at Dumbo now weren't just to glean his thoughts or dreams but to make his body writhe...and cause his organs to begin degrading..
."I WANT TO FEEL HIM DIE Evan...very slowly...and very painfully..he's already been outsourced to agencies that specialize in such matters"Tru Christie said to Evan
Dumbo dreamed..
but the dream felt so real..and so unlike his way of dreaming...Dumbo went into XXXX's room and grabbed Heath and took Heath into his bed.but than stopped himself
thinking the "waves" they were beaming onto him cause organ failures and stuff maybe weren't just a dream.
And that Heath might get hurt...if Heath was too close by the targeted parts of his body they wanted to injure
with this weird use for wireless..Dumbo held Heath close to his face Heath and placed him back on the little dog bed in XXXX's room ..and went back to his room
"oh for Christ's sake Dumbo" Tru Christie graphed as soon as Dumbo lay down
"It was a Directed Dream
not real
we do that sometimes.. You know we do...
..Do you understand why we don't just turn you on and off.
because everything becomes some damn big deal..
we had to do "that one"by the way..You're not the only around here who has to take orders
it was for
for some personality testing sh*t.
to see- if Dumbo would be more concerned about his own comforts or the dog's safety
understand ?"Tru graphed
"No," I graphed back not bothering to send any vessel /vehicle/ occipital overlay of "himself"
"You think I like having to do these damn personality tests on you know how many damn companies I have do this to you to that to you for..
we have to run you ragged for this firm 's brain studies and Brain Map," Tru graphed more exhausted than angry,
"and than see if we can make you have synthetic social skills for another company that needs to see how this sh*t works
you think this is easy?
have to drive you half out of your mind one day and the next see if we can make your personality more tender
we have to one day
make you smarter
the next day tinker around with your brain signals to try to make you dumber
we have to learn how to
make you angry and than euphoric
all the while DUMBO decides he wants to be some mix of Jane Fonda and Smedley Butler and f*ck if I know all over the internet..
YOU were supposed to
allowed to - write about it - as a remake of the remake of "THE BLOB"
not like this
the computer WAS supposed to be a means of letting you vent
not a venture in itself..
The dog sitting business was SUPPOSED to be a gift..
I didn't know that Heath was going to be used as some way to get you in line..
or BCI personality test
I don't create 24/7 interfaces ONLY for you Dumbo
have you any idea how many human subjects I am juggling at any given time here..
Of course you don't
nor I am sure that you care...
I have about 20 other Proxy I am working with
all the while trying to make a prototype of the interfaces and A.I. that is standardized
and might eventually require no Mind to Mind
at all..
Go get Heath
nobody is aiming .industrial strength direct energy at you just some run of the mill extreme low frequency to fiddle with your mind and perceptions
the Dystonia and the Twitching ...well it just goes with a chronic brain interface..
it's nothing personal
in fact to some those tics of yours are endearing...
"I won't get Heath" I I think and therefore telpathize
I always feel the direct energy
I think to my self ...which is a laugh..
there's no such thing as thinking to yourself once you've been "app-ed
I get an "are we done yet..with the Self Referential Thinking huh-Imbue "
Tru graphs" Is there a modem in XXXX's room there a Roku or a computer ...a cell phone in XXXX's room?
"Yes" I graph
"So Heath is already being pelted with extreme low frequency and radiation and microwaves all day and night where ever he lives- like every one else on the planet..
it's safe in low doses
it just goes right through you
the wireless
like you're not even there
like an x-ray might
Every time you use a cell phone Hzs and frequency are zipping into your neural tissue..
causing no harm at all..
like all people and all animals and all plants and all insects are used to be beamed at. With ireless something or other
'I don't know ,' I think
Do you really think your "team of Tele-Operators would kill a dog?
we'd just kill you Dumbo..if you don't at least try to find the fun in this a bit..
you like it sometimes
and sometimes you hate it..---come see come sah
the benzoes make you mean Dumbo..
and they cost everyone working on you
and this Project
time and money..
You haven't been sold to any agency.Idiot,"Tru graphs nobody who has .. seen your neural reads and want anything whatsoever to do with infecting their own Tele-Operators with your Hinky Thinky
but Neuronautics
we don't give up so easy
I still believe I can fix you.
Evan Rainy still hasn't given up.
if you just cool it with the meteor thinking and benzoes....
I am thinking to you as I might a human being Dumbo .."
'As Opposed to what?"I graph
'Just grab the damn dog ....some researchers want to sense your haptic response to a species not your own' tru graphs ,suddenly all the "nice-ity in him gone
I go down stairs and pick up a pineapple and put it on the bed and than hold it close like a stuffed animal
"A wise ass to the end...a Ruiner...."Tru Graphs
"it is a species not mine own and as haptic as a cactus' I look at the bottle of benzoes
but instead of talking them
I decide to fall asleep naturally I might just whack off
sometimes My team likes a good wank especially if I think hard about "old way" scenarios concerning porn that segues into "action"
in a somewhat feasible
demographically relevant foreplay of "Well hello ..You must be the new pizza boy they hired...."
" pizza boys ..and no pineapples...OK..a truce.
.go get Heath
or are you going to be afraid like a wuss from now on
afraid to to sleep with anyone..
and start building some damn Faraday Cage around your damn bed..
..and no whacking off tonight
we have a 18 year old girl intern here from Stanford watching the screens and we really can't afford to put any of your spunk in your eye- Metaphorically-or pixelated
she 's new this researcher -
..have you any idea how difficult it is to keep good help around here "
"She pretty?" I graph ,"'send me a graph of her headset to bio tech .
Tru gives me a think of her -
perhaps without thinking
And I begin setting the scene Iof HER
Mind's Eye style
SHE being "Pizza boy"
to my "Oh Boy"
as I stick my hands down my shorts.
I picture her
taking off her top ..
I Mind's Eye .away the pizza box and throw it on the floor
hoping Miss Stanford
has her eyes glued to my Evoked Potentials
"NICE ONE YOU PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE!"Tru graphs ,'The poor girl just left the room and probably won't be back.
"Ahhhhhh....tell her to think of it as a personality test ,' I think to Tru Chrisite who sends my auditory lobe the most horrible sound of puppies screaming
"You could have dreamt of nice sheep leaping over overfed long haired gnomes ..
.instead it will be night terrors Silence of the Lambs style
.....Silence of the Heath.
..and we'll sink you so low into an REM you won't be able to scream yourself awake....I am making some alterations to your conscious right now.Scumbo...Feel how tired you are..? HUH DUMMY!" Tru graphs
I begin nodding off and think fast to hold tight to the pineapple and it's hard sharp spikes ...the spikes that might be the only thing that might wake me .
"ya think?' Tru graphs."think again"


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