Sunday, October 11, 2015

  • the conference room
  • Evan in the conference room..Valerie Prentis
  • the New Rules that because Evan messed up on me
  • that -for at least -the time being - all interfaces with all the Proxy /test subjects will be reformatted back to  us now thinking of our "team" as Aliens instead of Mandlers
  • and most of all ME getting EVAN in trouble by over  reacting to Evan's Imbue

comes to me
comes straight to cortex in short and unlike cinema

what Evan has called in the past  has called -Thought Transference or Deep learning

The general feeling now is everything is fine and I am not sure if 'My Team' has made me feelo this way by tweaking my Hzs via the interface
and do not care

my team has cleaned up Evan's mess and therefore my own for over reacting
to Evan at the end of his rope
with me not Being what he wants...thinking what he prefers..

I catch very small inadervant gleanings I do not quite understand ...for I have been dimmed
buffered from

what else has been said in the conference room that do not concern whatever relief Evan was kind enuf to think me..
I begin typing little shards of what I glean
just to practice my typing skills.
and just because.
it seems now all I want
is to understand Evan 's intentions as much as he needs to understand my own

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