Monday, October 5, 2015

Being Richard Riley

Cliff Latchey
                                                          read the words
                                                on the screen .The computer screen that thanks to the bio tech in Richard Riley's
neural tissue allowed for Richard's thoughts to display in such a manner .

 Evan Rainy,Cliff Latchey's boss  had told Cliff  not to use the headset
that would allow Cliff to glean not only the words going through Richard's mind
but the emotions and cadence of Richard Riley's mindset
but the words /thoughts in Richard's brain seemed to invite such amenities -

the TRUE ENEMY of the STATE resides
in country
and not the countries we raised false flags upon.
and this hate
I had thought was gone in me all emotion is rekindled.
and my thoughts
THANKFULLY for once I KNOW and am glad
they hear}

Cliff placed the bio sensor speckled headset upon his skull
as to really get in there
and FEEL the noise -

Cliff made sure the wires ,the switches and dials and such on the big board in the control room
was attuned only towards listening in and not
transmitting Cliff's own thoughts thanks to the headset and sub dermal Merge biotech
made for such interface
but Cliff hesitated------
Cliff knew he himself was being watched
and had long suspected that he too had been dosed with Merge bio tech
allowing for a  prescient " neural read"
everyone at Proxy Cyber had embedded with a less evasive type of biotech
just underneath their hair line
This tech however according to Cliff's managers was
Unlike the bio tech that literally attached it's self to the neural tissue
of Proxy Cyber's various subjects
but necessary to amplify a Operating Tele-Presenter's brain signals
enough to allow
both input and output towards and from the "Husks" made Test Subjects
or Targets of Psychotronic Torture=

the tech inside a Operating Tele-Presence (an OT) could be removed-or so they were told
at their final interview

It did not escape Cliff that the embeds placed in the staff as to procure a salient "read" and "write upon"
of a Proxy's perceptions ,sight and emotions
was probably  folly on Proxy Cyber's part
and  Cliff speculated that the very same "neural dust"
that was created to get about as far as one could go
inside another's mind
was probably Mickey Fynn-ed inside each and every Operating -Tele-Presence
some time early in their tenure

and that  the ruse of the under the scalp "chipping" done
 in less than one hour
under local anesthesia
at the adjacent  medical complex run by a group of researchers
associated with the "off grid"
Proxy Cyber Pharmaceutical Group
was only to keep the OTs concerns of being both read and interface to
at bay.

-it was not something a Operating Tele-Presence dared bring up
or dare think about too long-

This type of Human Testing required
the OT  lie to themselves
not only about the neural prosthetics  "depth" but the depth and reasoning for "this important " human testing /research as well
Homeland Security, finding a cure or way around Neuromuscular afflictions ,Autism ,Coma ,Locked -In Syndrome

when in fact-
Most if not all-
 of the testing and recording of neural data had to with
brain emulation and mind uploading and marketing
even the use of this tech for "hand's off"weaponry was questionable
when according to Evan Rainy "so much of "Them" were writing about it
tradition hand's on munitions
took care of the Ruiners -who refused to "enjoy" their tether

Richard Riley according to his postings
postings Proxy Cyber relied upon to keep track of the human testing almost more than the actually neural reads
was not responding well to his tether
nor to the pleading
Imbues and Interface upon his cortex
 that for his own sake and sanity he cease and desist
griping about his situation
being targeted for A.I. testing-----

according to Evan Rainy
 Richard Riley was an  Unsolvable
and had an attitude problem toward "The New Way"
that could not be bypassed by either interfaced threats of bodily harm
nor alterations to his various glands and neural peptides by beam

in fact
according to Evan the more punitive Richard's imbues were concerning visual over ride ,auditory "intervention" or de-patterning of cognitive function-
 the more
aggressive Richard became
against Progress
and his Proxy-dom

Richard had been warned about attending workshops and meeting and seminars concerning
"off -grid" testing of A.I. and Brain Interface
warned about writing of false flags
and current events real or confabulated by Proxy Cyber's media division
the very same
that had made Richard Riley
candidate for human testing

Warned that "his team" would wreck havoc upon his cognitions ,emotions and perceptions
if he didn't "tow the line"
and although Richard was not a Proxy Cliff had been asked to read
Evan wanted Richard to track Richard's inner monologue
for the next 8 hours.
The boredom of watching Richard's words appear on the screen not accompanied by
whatever emotions
and the ability to see and hear whatever Richard was experiencing while
thinking "out loud" was unbearable to Cliff Latchey
and although he had been warned NOT to turn on the sections of the control booth
that 24/7 recorded the fluctuations of Richard's Brain Map
that indicated through color the regions  of Richard's  brain pertaining
to mood
without the actually "I'm looking through you"of sensing Richard's mood
within himself the very tedium of keeping watching simply the decoded words
on Richard's mind
slipped by like flatlands on a long drive ...
and in spite of Evan's warning that he was not trained to
through another
Cliff was satisfied enough that Evan Rainy had diminished Richard's capacity to feel much of anything
to risk
"Being Richard Riley"
so long as the wires that would allow for a 'Holla' Back" interface based upon Richard's moods and thoughts was disabled ....

Immediately upon placing the headset upon himself

Cliff Latchey was overcome by a depression .A sense of not wanting to live so intense
Cliff removed the headset as if at bat had flown into his hair.
Cliff wondered how long it would take for himself to get rid of the Richard Riley he had mistakenly
placed inside his mind.

Strangely though not a bit of empathy for Richard entered Cliff's mind
concerning Richard's state of mind -brought to him

                                                                brought to you
                                                         Merge Proxy Cyber


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