Saturday, October 3, 2015

the black squirrels in front of the whitehouse

I go down to Washington dc on a 4 :20 am train
from philly to protest in front of the white house
there's supposedly a protest taking place about ' people like me
who have been made into little science projects..
to develop this mind to mind interface mind  modem stuff
in my mind I sorta knew there would hardly be anyone there
nobody cares about a bunch of people saying they're human guniea pigs
being tested with Jonny Mnemonic tech
that is purposely scary
but still I think
if I don't show up
I will feel bad for the OTHER people who had to stand there
holding signs
about something no news people cover
..the whole point of protest is to make people aware
that don't understand the seriousness of something
taking place
BUT this tech seemingly ISN'T taking place because it cannot be seen
taking place

THIS is how "THEY" get away with it
 and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh  they must not be allowed to get away with this.

the protest on the train down I sort of picture
 from seeing pics of 6 or 12 people in front of municipal building s
protesting about this odd odd human testing
I imagine the
targeted individuals (some who I have seen online and wish to meet in person) in front of  the whitehouse  ...I suppose they will be  carrying signs saying "no more human testing"..and "Stop! you are like killing me with this shit.

.and Yeah   maybe to tourist  passing by
who say hmmm
what may I ask is a Targeted Individual?
and me or some one more well spoken
would say
I know it sound insane
explaining what it's like being made this appliance to study mind decoding and brain interface
 neuro weapons are being created quite purposely
to drive another mad as a hatter
that's why it's called Neuro weapon
or Psycho tronic weapon

I imagine me and the other protesters who came out this Saturday morning saying amongst ourselves
 while walking back and forth with signs and some pamphlets I suppose someone in charge of this kind of protest might bring
we the protesters might not care ...if anyone believes us
we live day to day being unrelieved by family ,friends etc
(to be honest I no longer can relate to my family or friends ....I am in this bubble you see 24  hours a day for years now ..
I know the other Targeted Individuals can relate.
and maybe some commiserating will help us
I don't know .I never went to one of these gatherings before
I imagine we'd say
.. if the folks found out what these scientists
 are playing with
say YOU DID WHAT! to these people without their consent YOU MANIACS!

but there's nobody in front of the white house but a few . sight seers ...people who just want to have pics of themselves standing in front of the white house
or go inside
when I was little I went inside the white house.
it was cool enough

I should have known not to get there at 8am on the dot
but how the fuck would I know? ,,I never found myself in a position to have to protest being a human monkey...
this is all I got to say
and make you say
ok he might be crazy ..but still
what is driving mista crazy to write and write ..huh

any way...I'm down front of the white house..
and I even made this sign
and I'm waiting for the other folks to come there.(maybe they are there now ..I am not there now.
after 45 minutes or so having the secret service and cops take pics of me..
and sorta watching me ..
like hmmm
why this guy sitting on this bench staring at the white house..hmm
(one cop is actually friendly ..says hi.
and as odd as it seems somehow the situation -sitting like a dumbass in front of the white house -on a bench facing the whitehouse ...with a spray paint sign saying "STOP NEURO WEAPON Research and development
should have been more unsettling than it was..
cause of course THESE DUDES have to protect the whitehouse and be like
OH NO! Guy with a blue sign on bench!
that's there job
just like it's my job
to sit there with a sign saying
MAN! you don't go doing human testing on humans!
it's just something one does not do..

I tried not to stare at the whitehouse directly
to  not make anyone
like hmmmmm
why this guy staring at the whitehouse
 so I  look at these  wild black squirrels that I never saw ...(never saw black skirrels nor herd of black squirrels or saw them on tv or in a Jeopardy question
so it was kinda cool looking at them cause they also got real real close..
like I guess they were used to being fed ..and fed ..
seriously they came right up to my shoe.

well I am looking and looking for the other protesters.
cause I came on a like 2 and half hour train ride after all at 4 20 in the morning to be there at 8 am

like I said you feel kinda watched sitting there
because you are being watched
I mean it's the white house after all..
(I bet the whitehouse knows like nothing about this human testing anyway..
supposedly these are "ops"
specifically kept totally away from the president
who I am sure totally doesn't want to know this stuff anyway..
so WHY we in front of the whitehouse I feel like asking the organizer of this protest
instead of like the companies
who manufacture this tech like lock heed or also little odd groups /orgs that seem set up  to be just the type of places one might outsource all matter of "mind f*ck stuff to..
I mean isn't that kinda  why you set
the org up to begin with?
but in a way it's good to be at the whitehouse cause
everyone is kinda happy front of it
the tourists and all
and it 's a fine looking building..with the fountain and all..
the homeless people are allowed to sit around the park directly across from the whitehouse so in a way these guards are used to all kinda ..people who don't seem to belong anywhere
which is how I feel
sitting there..
cause I don't look homeless least not today
I just look hapless.
anyone with a handmade sign saying stop thisor that hapless..and maybe must be watched real hard.

.maybe I am just hyper sensitive
or just cranky from the train ride and waking up early
or angry nobody but ONE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL
is at the Targeted individual protest.

and go to the Starbucks pass time and than come back ..
waiting for this protest ..
than I start walking around the block and come back to the bench
and I wait some more
than I get up to go to the Starbucks again to pass time carrying my sign
but somehow I sorta know
man if you come back to that area again ..these cops and security  men gonna be all hmmmmmm
why that guy go away
and than come back
go away and come back
..I sure would be if I were them.
I'd be
asking HEY MAN!!!
 why you staring at the white house and than pretending to stare at the black squirrels!
yes I admit I purposely focused on the squirrels
to purposely not appear to be
staring down the whitehouse or something

I should have sat on the side of the park ..but I was afraid I would miss the other TIs

nobody said anything but the bike cop made sorta sure I knew YEAH I am staring at you trying to look
like you're not waiting for something to happen

(never mind I am thinking
 i'm just wating there supposedly protest Neuro weapons and human testing ..
on Targeted Individuals

nobody asked...hmmmm ..what is that sign in your hand.. what does it mean
what are doing here ?

yes I was getting paranoid
seeing myself the way a security man might.
is that paranoid?
I suppose it is.
---I am thinking
it would  be different if even one ..or two people were there..
who according to facebook shoulda been there ..cause someone said 8 am in front of white house.
but than I'm like no .it would not be so different
if two or three people were there.
we'd still be getting stared at

HEY YOU 3 ! stop staring at the white house and squirrels
there is no such thing as a protest with 2 or 3 people!
of something nobody believes
we took your picture!
we have you on tape acting suspiciously!

in reality not in my head thinking ...or seeing myself from security guard eyes
everything was calm
and like I said
the cops seemed pleasant..
the tourists seemed friendly

well anyone sitting there with a sign saying stop neuro weapon research looks what I thinking
and it is the cops and security officers to be on the look out for mad men
it should be--
I couldn't even if I wanted to
spend the time telling the cops  the whole story
I won't even tell the whole story in this story/blog..
I never will
it is better for me to leave a lot out..

and sure as hell the cops don't want here no long story
I know this
and sorta don't want to ruin the niceness of the tourists just being happy travelers..anyway
nobody needs to be around perceived  danger (crazy) while visiting a town not there own..

it's pretty mad to say ..hmmmm..some crazy ,wild guys in Los Angeles
we're gonna "app " you
and than you hear and see things all the time
I go back to the train station
and pop back on the train
and head back to philly
kinda angry at the other TIs who shoulda been there at 8 am if they say 8 am..
cause maybe it would have been different with even two people with signs waiting for the protest..
or whatever we 're doing
or maybe it would have been the same a way I was glad to leave ..I wouldn't
know what to say to anyone who claims the same things as me but get away from me crazy person I don't believe you

prove it..
prove to me you are just not some insane person
and your situation is technological


(2)"what the hell does this have to do with anything " the Mandlers graph," what does some guy not really involved in our narrative going to Washington DC to whine about being told and shown OUR story have to do with anything at all? So much does this little aside not have to do with anything of much meaning that maybe this recurrent element in our themes should just be cut out of the picture altogether?..How much MORE! do I have to keep erasing you ...and hurting you to make you understand ..YOU yourself are of no importance to the work your team is doing at all..The manner in which you were raised ABSOLUTELY! as it concerns your formatting ONLY for this story..Many were raised very very close to how you were to get the same result ...for all you know many raised "Rainy" style are writing the same damn story at the same time..Do you understand?...THIS is why we keep you away from "real life" as much as possible because THIS is what happens when idiot here decides  HE MATTERS and not all he was born for was OUR input ...and for his "team " thru interface 
needs to study OUR input 
as it plays thru him
as it might a player piano
how our induced sound ,vision and induced fluctuation in mood and what not via brain computer interface 
"make" the human organism respond ...think 

just as one might place a lab rat in a cage 
starve the lab rat and than place a potato altered with GMO
and one not 

effects the cellular structure and over all health of the lab rat

and so it is with YOU
and how induced "reality' ..induced thought 
your notions of reality

what we impart
has anything to do with this study
you f*ck up the years ,the decades of laborious work
containing what input what triggers were
placed into not only your childhood
with trauma based scoring for pedantic Reverse Brain Engineering
studies and so forth ...and 
Cue/Trigger Imprints.." Tru Christie calm sdown ..and I feel the calm down
the alteration in Hzs upon my synapses.

....Real Life
I mean INPUT that does not pertain 
to this Project ...
such as this rather tiresome and really quite dangerous FOR YOUR SAKE need to 
try to undo the very costly  and time consuming work it took to raise you 
to disassociate
go into fugue stats and thus compartmentalize 
puts you in danger as Redundancy
  screws up what we're trying to understand here..has nothing to do with the project at all.."
as if to annunciate or fortify the warning
 see little cat heads..
temporarily   fleetingly  upon my visual cortex and thus in a holographic fashion

Tru Christie graphs
-why are you not writing this down

 the little cat heads are not attached to no little cat bodies..
NOR are they cartoon like..
but meanly realistic..
so Tru Christie can have me type about the cat faces
 even I can tell
will read as  disturbed..

ahhhh ..I get it ..
Tru is trying to lead me to safety concerning this documenting of my tether
with this technology
'you....coming across at totally mental ! " Tru graphs ,"Is my way of keeping you alive idiot ..."

Tru had graphed in the past when
bits of self will would unfortunately over shadow the need to stay on track
concerning me being
the rat being fed GMOs to see the way GMO runs through the rat body
concerning me being fed BCI (brain computer interface ) to see(for my "Team ") to see how BCI runs through my brain and inner monologue 
"this isn't a fucking Game ...go paint some disturbed artwork.. " Tru graphs

Meaning the odd myriad of free floating cat faces ?
I mean this was some of the instruction
I got years ago concerning how to make Outsider Art.
 from my team
free floating ..this and that
and I go look up secondary symptoms of  schizophrenia..
to try to remind myself of the thinking style I am to 
project both on canvas and on paper 
to "seal the deal" that I just be "crazy" 
and not documenting what 'The New Way" wants to do to "Crazy..and so called Dissident /degenerate sub species of people" 
in the near future with silent ,invisible 
Neurotronics ..

 I go to a site that I sometimes use to re read academic texts that define "the essence of dementia praecox in both syntax and sketches .." 
"Bitch ," TruChristie graphs ,"I am giving you synthetic symptoms of f*cking schizophrenia .. with the damn free floating cat heads . a lot more vivid than any scholarly  online thesis .." Tru graphs
"I am well aware of that ," I graph ,insulted that I do not by now know the backspace 
of rectifying my exposure ...
my self will
(in this case going to Washington dc)
  hoping this   (<  )
 MGM like version of VOICE OVER  schizo /split personhood  in this jotting /entry
helps to re assert myself as  simply deranged ...

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