Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Patrick Pace

Patrick watched the computer screen and saw the TV screen at MILF Bar. The TV screen Layla ,his ex-wife was watching.
It, the TV screen inside his computer screen as seen through Layla's eyes.or more so (seen, beamed ,re convened ) by the bio tech inside Layla's occipital lobe. Layla ,in this way was all his again on Patrick's desktop. It, the tv screen Layla was watching at the bar diverted Patrick's mind temporarily from the words that appeared on a second screen which typed the output of Layla's interior monologue verbatim .
Patrick every now and than placed upon his skull the headset that also allowed him to feel Layla through him.
COLD BITCH...is what he felt.
and to think, Patrick thought- he once did anything, said anything to keep that bit of tail so warm-
.How much he would have liked to send Layla's Aberrant thoughts directly into Kate's mind.
But Kate knew what she was working with here .
Didn't she? Patrick thought
Neuronautics had taught Patrick AND Kate that with or without "apps"
one Emanates their "Being-ness"all through the Enway
Of course Layla was too good for Neuronautics
even when their marriage was going downhill,
even when Patrick explained how Neuronautics could teach her how to "Think-" A New Way"
that would allow "the right Emanations" to latch onto her
rather than the wrong ones
'He's a nut Gary Rainy is," Layla said to Patrick".He gets off on making others as nuts as he is. If he really believed in what he was talking about do you think he'd charge people for his Divine wisdom".
And Patrick had no choice to repeat what his wife had said about Neuronautics and it's founder Gary Rainy to his Mentor at the Neuronautic's Annex.
Aware that once he told his Mentor what Layla had said she'd been branded a Ruiner.
Patrick had no idea at the time that his son too
would be branded a Oppressive Depressive
and thus could "be used"
-the potential preverbal 'Bad Seed"
to help pay for some of the tally of keeping
Layla's Enrot from entering the Enway and for extra courses to de -pattern all of Layla's "Imprints" she had Emit onto Patrick's very core self.
(2) Layla wouldn't let it go of it -
The Babysitter's Boyfriend thing.
"It" was something she never even saw,something she couldn't have possible known about .
Let alone understood..
.but still "it" played through Layla's mind that Patrick was required now to monitor
Over and Over
Layla's recorded decoded loops thoughts of their son Denny -never quite the same-
several times a day .
At least ,thought Patrick ,the bitch wasn't talking about "what she thought she knew" aloud anymore.
Neuronautics and Proxy Cyber only provided him with the softwear for a one-way hook up.
Soon ,Patrick hoped ,when he finsihed his level 4 Operating Tele-Presence courses
he could send Layla via the biotech "a fellow Neuronaut" had slipped into her sunscreen over 4 months ago a bit of re-conditioning
a bit of "The New Way" of handling Ruiners like Layla
who couldn't even see a TV screen without mulling over
it's implications
"Jewie Thinking " is what Gary Rainy originally called 'Intra -rectional Thought Styles" that bled into the atmosphere. regardless of this "Intra- Rectional " type often trying to brainwash others into their Aberrant Thinking Styles through art and literature and music and film.
Patrick watched Layla watch Kate having a good time at MILF
and read the "endless knowing" that seemed to be "the soul" of Layla Pace.
All the while Patrick thinking "Miss Know It All" doesn't even know every damn thought she has had over the last three months is on disk.
Soon Patrick would be trained to provide Layla with
input on her output
First the input would "seem " to be her own. Mimicking her brain signals to the bone of her own "tone"
New thoughts....yes...
Patrick imagined Layla patting herself on the back for her mind having new plasticity since "getting rid of Patrick"
A change in outlook
an awakening...
would he alter the input in such a way he had been taught to drive the bitch either completely insane
or to the Church Of Neuronautics
who else to help remove
these demons...this Enrot...these Entities that Layla had laughed at when she read Gary Rainy's books.
- but more likely.Patrick sighed - they would just outsource her feed to another A.I. firm...that is IF she could keep her mind off of Denny's imposed mental split .
A gift
they had told Patrick to denny so he could best think 2 ways
Patrick had no choice but to 'app" his ex -wife after she began "talking about "what- he had warned her are- 'Things people just don't talk about....Things," Patrick said ,"a NORMAL person wouldn't even consider a possibility.."
Thinking of possibilities
Patrick remembered to make a note of "the actor" Layla had seen on TV that
she seemed to "go for" respond to -
-who a "character " to bring into her dreams
when the time came
entice her down the rabbit hole
Patrick switched off Layla's inner monologue
and next the screen that displayed all that Layla saw and heard not associated with "inner thought"
and all the rest of the "bio metric" data that Proxy Cyber "sold for science "and "research"
Patrick brought up a program that had
lists of "look a like " types
based on whomever's parenthetical lobe seemed to prefer
many of the "street performers" and potential "love interests" Proxy Cyber used were involved in some way with Neuronautics and it's subsidiary Parasol Pictures who by subsidiary had also acquired all the right contracts
concerning "Homeland"
to test this mind tech
with as big a net as needed
the greater

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