Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Pinky Ring and the Blonde Guy

"Really Layla ," Kate said ,"lighten up that handsome blonde over there was looking at you...the one with the dark blue shirt and tie."
Layla looked in the direction Kate had not so subtly  pointed at .
"Well he was looking at you, until he caught some of that Emit of yours I suppose. You have to realize Layla...just because you can't see one 's Emmitance doesn't mean other people can't sense it.."
If only to stop Kate from talking about her Emanations and all the Science -ideology behind such things Layla went back to talking about 'The Big Littles"and the article she had read about Ben and Lisbeth Shaw's son autism being "de-patterned" by the use of neural prosthetics.
'I'm so happy that Harper is a High Functioning Autistic ,it's a shame about Denny being on the lower end of the spectrum," Kate said touching Layla's arm .The gesture ,the touch "Emited"upon Layla as something Kate felt she was supposed to do.Something she had seen in a film or had been taught to do at a Neuronautic's session.
"Denny might be helped by "apps" ,I mean as it is now , he's a burden to society ?"
Layla,not believing what Kate had just said chose to assume she had heard Kate incorrectly .That Kate had said "Denny might be helped by 'apps" I mean as it now he can't earn his place in society "
"He's looking at you again Layla," Kate said in a childlike voice ," .I think some of my High Tone Emit has rubbed off on you"
Layla looked at the man and missed the beat -to smile .Layla couldn't help think of Denny back home on the couch watching The Big Littles on the TV set. Was there anything wrong with Denny being more absorbed in 'The Big Littles " than real life.
 Was this real life ? Layla wondered. Waiting for a blond single man  in a bar to "one more try"  catch your eye so she could  inevitably besot by the same "canned dialog "  peppering  of questions the blond man had probably learned from the same TV shows she had.

'You are as flat Layla in you Emittings as Monroe is in the Big Littles  ," Kate said .
"I always wondered why someone's parents would call a boy a Monroe..I mean on top of everything else that boy must go through..'Layla said
"I suppose you think my naming my child Harper is some kind of misjudgment on my part as well Layla," Kate said .
'I never said that ,' Layla said hoping she had bought a stronger drink.
'You didn't need to say it Layla .You thought it didn't you?" Kate said actually removing a Pinky Ring or what Neuronautic's called The See Meter or The Wheatstone Bridge from her pocket book.
Kate took hold of Layla's hand and began slipping the thimble like device vetted with electrodes on her pinky to gather "a read" from the thin cables that connected to a 'Truth Telling "app" on Kate's phone.
Layla snapped her hand away from the Pinky Ring   .
"Only those with things to hide are afraid of Mind Reading Technology" Kate said ,smiling as if she had won something...Harper is a royal name Layla Denny or Dennis always struck me as somehow Plebian ..Not that there's anything wrong that.."
It was just the impetuous Layla needed to approach the blond in the dark blue shirt and tie and Emit to in a way that Kate never could nor would.

'What went wrong Layla minute you were all High Tone and now it's Low Tone to the bone' Kate said ,not hiding her Emit of delight.
'He thought the bar was called MLAS not MILF. He thought it was a gay bar called My Lips Are Sealed -MLAS- for married men on the down low" Layla said, amused ,aware that Kate didn't buy her amusement by the 'false condolence like touch Kate gave her.
'Do people use that term anymore "on the down low?" Kate asked, making a face at Layla for... being "so out of touch"
Kate's phone "spoke" more than it rang -the ring tone -the voice of Damian ,the ELF from "The Big Little's "movies saying "Oh please just Blow Me" in a condescending cartoon voice.
Layla wondered how " Just Blow Me" became an acceptable phrase for children to say .Just as she had wondered over a decade ago how "This Sucks and You Suck "became somehow OK for kids to say thanks to another cartoon character using the word over and over again.
Kate let the "Oh Please -Just Blow Me " ringtone play so Layla could see it was her son Harper calling .
Turning away from Layla Kate said into the phone "Mommy will be home soon Harper ."
Than ,to Layla "It's a shame that your Denny has a hard time with hand eye coordination and pressing buttons. "Kate said .
'No Kate ..he pushes buttons as well as you do" .
"Excuse me " Kate said
Changing the subject Layla ,looking at the cartoon/puppet /ELF that was Damien from "The Big Little " movies also used as Kate's screen saver Layla said to Kate ,'For the life of me .Even after watching "The Big Littles 'movies 100 times I have no idea what their appeal is ..'
Kate gave Layla "a look" and said "Oh please don't tell me you're becoming one of those ..just because you have a graduate degree Layla doesn't make you some kind of expert on children's programming.."
"That's not what i meant ,'Layla said quickly, smiling, afraid Kate would once again remove the Pinky Ring from her purse to see if she was lying,'I just mean i just don't understand the storyline"
"That's because there is really no storyline to the "Big Little" movies and TV shows Layla - so kids can learn and accept that life is not just one big story but a series of often meaningless, random, stagnation.."Kate said
"But why should this be celebrated ? isn't it up to people to make their lives less random ,less meaningless and certainly less stagnant" Layla said
"Oh this is a laugh," Kate said," UTTER TRUTH coming from a woman afraid of having a See Meter placed on her pinky to sense UTTER TRUTH.." Kate snapped , Kate' eye now not on Layla but a man with over gel-ed hair wearing a Neuronautics pin. Kate took her drink ,patted Layla on the shoulder and walked toward to the man leaving Layla finally alone with her thoughts. And her Emit.

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