Saturday, October 17, 2015

cheaper than a hologram and impossbile to look away from

A brain-computer interface has been developed  that is capable of laying a heads-up display over a user's natural vision .While this might sound like fun ask any Targeted individual being used for human research what kind of "stars get in their eyes "during the most severe day to day 24 /7 projects .The human subject used for biotechnical testing does not have the  ability to block induced visions that over lap their "conventional sight". Even with eyes closed whatever images the subject's Tele-Operator presents is seen "Mind's Eye" style. When this induced sight is presented upon the human subject along with  induced sound and altered emotional state the subject quite literally is  "owned". Because the explanation of what is occurring to the targeted individual so resembles madness inevitably the TI is told they are crazy.
 What is indeed crazy is those who have made a small percentage of the population lab rats for A.I. ,Brain Emulation and Synthetic Telepathy testing are allowed to get away with such testing because
 Neurotechnology has rather obvious implications as weapon and therefore is deemed a classified "apparatus'.
 A few TIs at first afraid to speak about their acquisition as "human variable" are now afraid not to speak out about the testing ,as most if not all augmented as "human drone"also are used for Direct Energy testing with unseen ,silent weapons created "not just" to overwhelm the senses but the biology of the subject.
 Microwave weapons can cause numerous nervous system ,cardiac ,lymphatic diseases and disorders  in a very short time span. The Targeted Individual has a short shelf life .
 As outlined at the Biology is Technology conference in Silicon Valley ,a Intra Cortical  interface  concerning  "head's up" display provides a direct link between the brain and an external device or software through manipulation of the visual cortex.Phillip Alvelda, chief of Advanced  Biological Technologies says  the device could replace all virtual reality glasses, such as the Oculus Rift, as it  bypasses the visual sensory system entirely.
The cortical modem is rooted in the field of optogenetics, which involves studying and  controlling specified cells within living neural  tissue. Light-responsive proteins can be added to the brains of living beings, allowing scientists to turn neurons on or off with never-before-seen precision.

Ω Spatial domain n.a.
ℤ+ Non-negative integers n.a.
ℝn n-Dimensional real numbers n.a.
r Spatial location [mm, mm]
t Time s

yt(rij) Electrophysiological measurement mV
vt(r) Mean membrane potential field mV
f(v(r)) Activation function spike s− 1
View the MathML sourcef^vr Linearized activation function spike s− 1
et(r) Field disturbance, with covariance function γ(r) mV
εt(rij) Observation noise, with covariance matrix Σε mV
m(rij) Observation function, where i = 1, …, I and j = 1, … J n.a.
w(r) Connectivity function mV spike− 1
ψi(r) Connectivity basis functions n.a.
θi Weights of the connectivity basis functions mV spike− 1
μi Centers of the connectivity basis functions mm
σi Widths of the connectivity basis functions mm

τ Spatial shift mm
ν Spatial frequency cycles/mm
ytd Differential re-referenced observations along j-direction mV
R(τ) Spatial correlation mV2
S(ν)Sν Power spectral density mV2 mm/

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