Thursday, October 1, 2015

satuday oct 3rd washington dc

my leg tingles and  I see my leg  the way "they"can make you see
 to teach you "How to Be"
to teach you a lesson
my leg

it appears
like someone else's leg

usually when they do  this with my vision
concerning my leg especially
 it's only to make me see my leg  bent the wrong direction
like it's dislocated
all I see now
 is  my leg appears shorter than my real leg is if my sight was not being tinkered with

the leg I see is
 wearing what I guess are called slacks.. navy blue slacks or what they call pants .
I don't wear  this type of pants
 except for job interviews or to wear to funerals
 also  I  am wearing what appears to be sneakers
that I don't own

 strange sneakers with  no logo on it.

back when sneakers came without logos

 the  slacks I can see and SENSE are  not made of cotton
 but shiny fake fabric
 cut all wide shaped at the bottom.

I was small when people dressed like this
.and as soon as I think this
 I see both  my legs get smaller. the age of me when this clothing was worn

I think  to touch them
but my Team graphs that  my haptics aren't on and
this isn't "play time"....this isn't research and development time and next -a loud  "Believe me Dumbo you are not READY for any  haptics to be on.."

Immediately I see my legs go back to normal size and "normal" clothes
and the leg though is bent ...the wrong way
and I start to imagine how painful this would be.
and next little by little as if spun on a dial
I feel the pain of a leg being bent the wrong way

the words appear before me OVER the giraffe poster

the pain stop
and my leg is not bent inward
either in real life nor virtually

An occipital over ride is not the same at all as a Occipital overlap
this type of nastiness  began
about 3 days ago
 when I bought  the Amtrack
for the rally in front of the Whitehouse Saturday Morning at 6 am against  this type of Neuroweapon.


Researchers turn pain perception on and off in mice using ... › Medical research
Researchers turn pain perception on and off in mice ... altered nerve receptors beneath the skin in mice, ... control nociceptors of nontransgenic mice.

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