Wednesday, October 28, 2015

bluer than blue

Layla always thought she was above it all , Kate thought -above her ex -husband ,above herself and certainly above Neuronautics.
Only once did Kate ask Layla what her Mentors asked her at the Neuronautic's Annex. Kate sensed Layla not wanting to reveal that "even she" found Neuronautics of "at least some interest". It was what Kate would call a "Give Away"on Layla's part.
Kate sensing some genuine curiosity and perhaps" just alittle "interest in joining the Group
Kate tol...d Layla about her Mentor at the Annex gleaning an "Inadvertent Hidden '
concerning Kate's 'Attentuation" toward a tenant of Neuronautics .
her Mentor asked her - simply 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"
concerning this Affrontive
and Kate couldn't answer.
"Of course'" Kate told Layla I muttered something "I am woman ,I am a wife ,I am a mother ,I am.."

Kate's Mentor raised her index  finger and than lowered  and raised  her index finger close to Kate's eyes  - asking her  "How many "I's" have you just said
one-two three -four
I- I- I -I
You said who I am " The Mentor yelled, pointing  at herself ' You said who I am four times .But who are you and on point  - WHO DO "YOU THINK" YOU ARE ?"

"I don't know who I am" Kate said .

"Exactly ,' Kate's Mentor said ,"and that is exactly WHY you are here and exactly what you are supposed to be learning from Neuronautics.
Think of the color BLUE" the Mentor said next to Kate
"See the color Blue in your mind with your eyes first shut than wide open."

Kate saw the color blue in her" minds eye "first with her eyes closed than wide open.

Her Mentor said "Now divide that color Blue  to the smallest fraction of size you can imagine in your mind.  Now Something smaller . Now the color Blue smaller than a speck of dust..."

Kate did as she was asked.
As well as she could

'Is that speck .This speck so small you can't see it Blue anymore  ..although it was divided from that huge swath of this tiny speck separated from it's Blue-ness really  blue anymore?" The Mentor asked

"No" Kate said

" That is what the term "I" means in Neuronautics " Kate's Mentor said," Do you want to be an" I "nobody can see..who  may as well not exist at all...
 do you want to be a "we"?

The Mentor asked Kate to close her eyes and-

"See that tiny speck of blue again
first as ten or so specks of dust
now one hundre
now one millions specks of blue dust all together ..see how much bluer than blue is?"
Now ,I ask once more  'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?' and you say-"

"Nothing,: Kate said.

"Except as WE" her Mentor said  "I am nothing"

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