Sunday, October 4, 2015

in the year 20-nine 20 -nine

     -elements of misdirection on a Mandler's part
have by now seeped...or more so steeped themselves into what is left of my "Beingness"

you run some of those most disturbing Human Testing exercises concerning  
 mind decoding and next an interface based upon whatever fears one has placed
inside another

based on the decode

one had better
be apt at misdirection first and foremost

part and parcel

(who are you?  Mandler-
who does this  to another the old days a executioner wore a mask over one's head
not just to shield their face from the public but also to shield their own selves from the mirror until
he had enough whiskey afterward to level the enormity of his "call of duty")

 I become as cold and calculated
as what is ciphered
as blithering
purposely half baked
as those
whose job
is to induce
a daily grind
to grind another's perceptions into "Whose on First ..I thought I saw a puddy cat' convolution.

but why?
who cares outside of the insider trade
of a
for all those not hidden behind dozens of trickle down false fronts
and outsource

any of this is being done?

although a discerning reader might of course realize
that no information in any science publication speaking of

is mot code for
"oh we did that shit 7 years ago"and we ain't talking mice

any discerning reader
might realize that "the race is on" ahead of time
to quickly do any testing
upon wide demographic that could not be done
under the scrutiny of press release
quite some time in advance of
the second batch of testing that will be done out in the open

 in advance of
the limits legislation and thus regulation
quite ahead of "press" concerning "Human trials"
(or I am naïve ...that it would matter
that tech meant to mimic madness to such extremes even if disclosed would initiate red flags ?
when false flag battles
-this time - made so obvious if the powers that seize have not become the caricature
they purposely play
to impress upon the people YES THEY HAVE TRULY GOTTEN OFF on 'We the People " being so dim
we didn't notice basic physics
being suspended as to help us poor populace
truly be traumatized with  the horror /spectacle of it all....)

hurry up .hurry up
and get the most heinous testing done upon human test animals with Mind to Mind   mind/machine
and THAN we can do "the easy stuff ...the basic A,B,Cs of "This is How we do it"
on some hipster who will keep a 24/7 podcast of 'his experience " being
'The first man on earth" thinking to another
and to a computer within the regulated confines of his urban astronaut apartment
furnished and paid for by whatever legitimate
consumer based "maverick" in this off your face/ in your dendrites
version of Google Glass.

the debate than ...will be on
advertisements being aimed straight to brain as part of the "program' not A.I. and contextual over ride as about as  cruel and unusual
a way of hurting another as even an old Testament God could have dreamt up
for his playthings

Cole Cohen -The Memphis Ohio Skank "right about now" april 17 2010

I can see the advertisements..
in my head. Literally...I see and sense and feel
what my Mandlers NEED me to sense and feel and see in Mind's Eye..

in spite of myself
my downcast .."too serious" mood abates

they don't like  "serious' in a Proxy
I used to be glad that my feelings could come and go at the flick of a pitch
but not anymore
at least until
the Q and As of the 20 somethings hand picked as somehow "knowing"
of what will appeal to their specific
the Brand of Mind to Mind .mind to computer accoutrement
are all seated

part one..convincing the public it is "cool" to have "chips"
permanently wedged in between their neurons
for second sight seeing
and heightened performance

"First of all should we call them chips at all?" someone might ask
"second is there a way to play down the fact that once the "biotech' is inside another they never come out"

 More importantly another might say
his eyes redish and black underneath from his all night partying...something other Mind Augment firms might look down upon
WE like our staff to place FUN above WORK
'More importantly is there a way to get away from the fact that once one is 'app-ed" one will never know if their Brain Computer Interface "host' isn't always listening
or placing ideas not their own into their Day to Day experience..'

He has said the wrong thing
The most important thing about selling this tech is to focus ONLY on the SEEING
ONLY on the ENHANCED emotion
somehow inferring the "mind reading/decoding of thought and perception" is ONLY to graze the surface..
of inner private thought long enough to "give the people what they want ..what they NEED!..
to imply that the "mind reading' is all zeros and ones ...chartings...
NOTHING whatsoever that has to do with turning THOUGHT into sentences and so forth that appear upon a screen
or enter another's  new version of "Life  Coach"'s mind directly

The meeting progresses the "kid' who brought up "mind decoding" instead of "Mind grazing" gets up and places a ten dollar bill in the coffee can
used at the office
whenever someone says "Mind Reading"

The head hunted  "kid" retunes to the boardroom table
set up of course
very carefully NOT to look like a boardroom
just as "The Team' has been told to very carefully never think of THIS as a job but an adventure.

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