Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Adventures of Monroe and The Big Littles

According to Parasol Pictures  "The Big Littles 3 " (that some critics panned for following the recent pattern of introducing elaborate backstory)
Monroe could not go to school because his one dimensional state ( his looking as one might being run over by a steamroller in an old Warner Brother's cartoon) both caused laughter or terror in both school children and Monroe's teachers (who according to Isabelle Ingress of  Paris Pant magazine should have "known better". Implying some late night comedians scoffed that writer  Isabelle Ingress had somehow encountered little children with odd first names less than one inch thick in diameter being accepted excepted EXCEPT in America ..and thus American film)

Monroe (because of his peculiar circumstances of being and thus presenting visual in 2 -D) was home schooled
and kept locked in his bedroom day and night with only Tv and video games to entertain him.
Every few episodes ,on Parasol Pictures Tv Program based on the 'Big Little's movie  franchise   would slide himself ,often "origami style" our from under the door of his lonely room
to visit "the nest' of "The Big Littles " who lived in a large tree in his backyard.
Supposedly because "The Big Littles( Damian Little ,Adrian Little and the four little Little children whose genealogy was never quite explained  ) did not tease Monroe because of his flattened state .

According to a drunken Tweet by the initial "The Big Little Books"the "Big Little " movies were based upon-
"the only reason Monroe was flat was because I ,the writer /illustrator was too high on meth
(new tweet) during art school to learn to draw perspective / The Big Littles who were shaped initially as cubes with some shading to indicate 3 -Dimensionality(new tweet ) was about as far as I got understanding vanishing points  and sh*t

According to Paris Pant magazine 's Isabelle Ingress stated 'The Big Little " children's books were visionary in their refusal "to bother" -making "good art" or "even trying" which according to Isabell Ingress was "Reductive Neo Nihilism   and 'Brilliant" in it's "no hold's bar-red celebration of the "Whatever. Who Cares " style of the times ..

The adventures  of Monroe and the Big Littles never had anything to do with anyone going anywhere or doing anything

according to a drunken tweet by the children's book writer of 'The Big Littles" the author -didn't feel like drawing backrounds ,cars or trees etc so all the Big Littles adventures took place in one location. One room in the Big Little's living room in the tree.

According to a tweet by the author of the Big Little children's books "Because it was too difficult and tedious to draw landscapes or cityscapes for the Big Littles (new tweet) all the adventures had to do with The Big Littles telling not showing Monroe all the great and wonderful things Monroe could or might be able to do if he wasn't flattened (new tweet) and all the just plain regular things Monroe would never be able to do because of Monroe's flattened state(new tweet) such as play sports,work ,date,marry ,drive etc..

'Finally ," Isabelle ingress of Paris Pant magazine wrote ," A children's book comes out explaining the to children the glass ceiling of  future adulthood as it pertains to one's finances ,looks ,connections and so forth"

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