Friday, October 2, 2015

Key Reactive Remnants

Often a consumer of Neuronautic's Everyday Enhancement Package  (3200$) comes to us SEEMINGLY functioning as an adult (working ,paying their mortgage,parenting)yet the client  is still responding to what most input they receive in a manner that is childish ,not "adult -like " at all.
 A client comes to Neuronautics in most cases filled to the brim with  Reactive Remnants which is the antithesis of Pro-Active and thus adult decision making .The consumer of Neuronautic Re -Education training is unaware that whatever amount of "personhood" they have built in themselves really has very little to do with them . Most new consumers, ready to take back their hearts and souls from Ruiners and the Ruinations this kind cannot help infecting Non Ruiners with spend many angry days  and weeks with Neuronautic Mentors shocked to finally realize just how much bad emittance  even what the consumer supposed SHOULD have been the very people who they should have trusted NOT to infect their minds with Low Tone -their parents,their teachers,their friends .The consumers of Neuronautics has his eyes wide open for the first time as Mentors force the consumer to finally examine that usually the people who inflict the most damage to us with Emit are the one's who hide under cloaks of close-ness.What I ask the consumer did this friend or mother  in the grand scheme of things pick you to infect with their Input ? Why did the Entities decide to place you in harm's way with Ruiners disguised as care givers and friends? Because THAT is HOW SNEAKY this type of Emitter must be to properly infect a Non Ruiner.The first step of Neuronautics OF COURSE must be to denounce those who went out of their way literally through Space and Time to seek out the Innocent. And IF you were NOT INNOCENT? I ask WHY ..What was it? That somehow got to come to Our Annex and the New Way. The Greeter holding pamphlets outside hands out reading material and complimentary couresload  all day and every day BUT MOST dare not come inside..The Ruiners of the world have taken it upon themselves to minimize Neuronautics and the teachings of Gary Rainy BUT you said NO.You said NO NO there is MORE to this than it appears to others who begrudge Neuronatics .You somehow knew today is the day you would break free and let us teach you .
imagine all that confusion in your life ,in your mind gone in only a session or two?free of Remnant Recoil once and for all-forever-re- taught how to buffer input with the help of client to Mentor based sessions that allow a client to strategically fight off input many a Ruiner wishes a Non Ruiner to absorb .Ruiners enjoy Ruining it for the rest of us.It is what Ruiners do.Tell a Ruiner you have invested 3 thousand dollars in classes at their local New Way Center and off comes the mask the Ruiner hid so well concerning their desire for you to be on the same Low Tone path as them. A new Neuronautics client must remove themselves immediately from all that only wish to suppress their Tonalities to the lowest common denominator .

A new client comes to his Mentor as a 4 year old child .And this is not a bad thing .Nor is it the client's fault that they are unaware of why they think what they think or do what they do.For years most psychotherapists have used Talk Therapy to understand their patient .This type of  Suppressive charlatan knows very well that talking has very little to do with how one not only feels inside but more so what the patient is saying to themselves on a day to day ,minute top minute basis .The types of things  one thinks about  like sex,envy,age-ing,Joy have very little to do with words.In fact the most dynamic feelings in man rage,anxiety,desire are about the absence of words.One can talk and talk about the patient's Reaction to these feelings and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the triggers to these feelings .In some ways  a psycho therapist was indeed onto something but even I ,in the late 1950's  was aware that the Science of Mind  could not properly be understood by verbalized expression as one does not go about their day speaking their inner monologue aloud .I dare say if they were they certainly would block most input from Ruiners but they would also be locked away in some padded room to enable this rather aggressive form of armoring themselves from Suppressive Imbue.Neuronautics and it's use of "tech" to measure the client's Automatic Response by using The See Meter and Pupil and Thermal Scanning devises  understands  that Key Reactive Remnants placed in the client by exposure to Ruiner  Input is usually kept well hidden not only from the therapist but also the client .

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