Tuesday, August 5, 2014

by the end

one loses their sight
their hearing
their taste
their sense of smell
even their sense of touch

they have been Merged

thoughts not your own come in you
which you hope go in one neuron and out and out!

there is no headset
you can remove

their ideas come in you as your own

you are told

that since birth
they came a' calling

with apparatus
apparatus, they graph

that fed you and fed you
you were a pig
lapping up
our chatter
you presumed was your own

every thought you had was guided

Have you ever had a thought that was ,just your own?

our thoughts were laid upon you
your responses
in kind

we made movies for our Rainy day children
we made books
which we can now turn against you

in dreams
in dreams

we know all that is inside

we can scare you out of



how mean I get being around others
how much double think I must do
every thought
every memory
If I see
a person
and have an automatic response
"gee,she looks older than I remember..."
if I notice
any imperfection
in another
if I
a nuance of falsity in their
only those" apped"
noticed hair out of place on
a loved one's head
brings one's
to suicide

 In the woods there grew a tree And a fine fine tree was he And on that tree there was a limb And on that limb there was a branch And on that branch there was a nest And in that nest there was an egg And in that egg there was a bird And from that bird a feather came
  • placed on Remote Neural Monitoring
  • other movies like  HBO's Mildred Pierce I am not allowed to watch 
  • "cuz they're gay"
  •  the "wickerman:(the original) happens to "be on" I did not seek it out
  • I risk "it"
  • and watch
  • .EVAN  pipes on like some kind of audible subtitles.
  • like some jackass talking during a film
  • explaining-that .without proper guidance man could not exist, as this G-d you believe in STILL saw fit to EVOLVE man from apes WITHOUT even FUR to protect this new man from the  basic elements..in return for this MINDFUCK of all MINDFUCKS, EVAN graphs -Man was imbued with the power of industry and the ability to create tools. EVAN ignores my graph that nobody foresaw the time TOOLS would be turned upon us..WE did .EVAN graphs,we had too for security...for man to feel secure
  • and you Dumbo
    who went all Hardy Boys on US
    perhaps watch the film
    and focus on what happens to the Ruiner
    who comes to "save the day"

     And of that feather was A bed And on that bed there was a girl And on that girl...
      Jim Bloom and yet..it seems to me sometimes..all the" $martest "Guys in the Doom" took from the Wicker"man " was the scene where a child "leashes' a bug to a string and pin so the bug would only be able to move round and round and round-I wonder if this will be one of the films they use .in .dre.a.ms....could they outdo what they did with "The Black Swan" ..invisionating that ...hey Dumbo...if we can slip nano in yer blood ...imagine what other things we can slip in ya if ya don't shut up..the Parasol Pictures Logos appears....and a quick thought eneters my mind that "whats a nice girl doin' in a place like this"really gets a "hit" of another form of biotech into her drink...and that maybe the perdy ballerina ...was dosed some bio that figurative made her hair follicles grow feathers...ahh Dumbo...remember that article about that poor woman who grew cutaneous nails from head to toe....
    • certain films I am not allowed to watch
    • the "wickerman" being one of them
    • it gives an UNRESOLVABLE

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