Wednesday, August 6, 2014


a friend calls

asks if the Mandlers which he doesn't believe in

really "sent" me that "vision"

of a Missing Poster

I say I'd rather not talk about

and I "hear" EVAN graph-"too bad ya didn't think of that before..for a split second (who can keep track of TIME STAMPS and Pacific Rim Specific "lingo"?)

a split second of a second  I see

what appears to be a severed head with their eyes sewn shut and their mouth sewn up
while my friend
starts talking about this

"fuckin Puerto Rica Spin Instructor
who thinks he's fucking God's gift ,"

like 5 million hours!
on the  new Treadmill at the gym

"THAN-he doesn't even bother wiping it everyone in the gym is lucky to feel his fuckin sweat of their hands"

THANKS sooooo MUCH I say
for putting that imagery in my head
asshole i feel like saying
for I warned him like oh five million times! that anything i visualize is sen tto my Mandlers

and it is I
not he who pays

My Mandlers had insisted I never speak to Drew again
after he
all but placed a a One Act play in my head of him throwing up a
some fish  tacos he
had at THIS BAR that
according to
Drew ,"won all kinds of awards for fucking fish tacos.."

I know I am sensing and thus
in a way
feeling his outrage
and thus my mandlers
are as well

everytime he says fish taco
I cannot help but visualize fish tacos
and his fuckin' this fuckin that!
I fear
drumming through my Mentors minds

when he begins telling me
about some drunkin
'after Fish Taco' clubbing
and than mentions

that when he got home
I never felt worse in my life

and had to sort of run to the bathroom

I ,like a DUMBO I suppose
did not follow heed

and before I know it
out spills this intricate
novel or something

fish tacos ...kettle one
and I swear

a Fly

"one of those flys
with shiny green..what are they called?"

OOOOOOOOOOH evan Imaprts
I don't know what
the fly is called
but I do have an idea what
dreams may come concerning
a certain Dumbo's
to be CLEAR


EVAN is ecstatic!

and because of this
a wait till your father gets home 
dread  goes through me

"OOOOOOH....what you graphed .
     about the Puerto Rican!"you are sooooooo fucked Dumbo..
     you racist pig."

i think back------
what did I think about a Puerto Rican?

Evan graphs thought of a Puerto Rican as a wetback...a stereotype

first of all I begin thinking
DREW was talking about a  Puerto Rican

"yes ,"" EVAN graphs,"but you VISUALIZED the Puerto Rican as sweaty...wait till we show this to a Puerto Rican Dumbo!!!!"

 I think towards EVAN that Drew mentioned something about his not wiping down the machine.that he was sweating.this Spinner instructor...but I know they don't care about what they call RUMINATION RECONSTRUCTIONS

I lay down
I am exhausted and scared
and stare at the water stain on the ceiling

"you'd betttttter rest up DUMBO...,"Evan graphs....sending me
again the
head with the sewn up eyes

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