Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steerage and the man who would be "king"

Valerie met Adam Parker at Steerage.
Steerage,  the new restaurant that catered to the Headset crowd.
Those in The New Way
and those that just like vicarious "events"

a fine restaurant
 if one didn't mind the box turtles that were allowed to wander the floor.
the place reeked of them.
 clearly someone had paid off a few health inspectors
for "the show'

the one rule of the guests was that if a box turtle
landed on it's back, one could not flip it over.
and because there was alot of foot traffic.
there were quite a few
"upside down" turtles on the floor.

"Evan Rainy  tells me you've been presenting yourself  with OT Tele --Presence to a Level 2  "participant" as that girl with her thumb up at Abugraib  Prison "the girl with a pony tail ,smiling in front of the prisoners in those awful  photos"Valerie said ,digging the last bits of meat out of a lobster claw.
" My word ,LA really  IS a small town isn't it" can't do anything FUN without some Proxy yacking about it"Adam said ,kicking a small  turtle across the room.

"Watch out Adam or you may end up like Jacob...managing some overpriced kitchy Soup Kitchen in North Hollywood"Valerie giggled

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