Wednesday, August 13, 2014

sweet nothings(Brainstorm)

if it helps you
   feel think of the "hysteria" presented to you
about my hardship
as madness

but please attempt to participate in my delusions in an Immersive style

pertaining to

Psychotronics,,A.I and Virtual Reality

 being primarily developed by the only people who should have been allowed to develop it

people who develop weapons
and are developing techniques of induci9ng madness upon another via what is sometimes called a Brain Computer Interface

before you continue reading
remember that Kevin McCarthy ,deemed insane in the first reel of Invasion of the Body Snatchers
was in the end
about the unbelievable forces at play in and around him
not by the hospitals ,police force etc/
but by the audience

who in this case
is you

to further my "Aim is True"
that I not writing a "story" for financial gain
let it be noted
I have intentionally  written directly online
according to Blogger
 whatever I post becomes public domain as soon as it is electronically published
( I have learned in retrospect that TIMESTAMP in fact may be considered copy write..
but scenario "not so much",,,)

 I have also not sought copy write
 because this semi-fictional account of mind transcription and mind "to mind "interface via 5 senses over-ride/overlay all but . does away with copy write and "intellectual property".

and I thought ..I would make an example of this notion through demonstration

also half of these "stories" are in fact fed to me
from some "muse"

previously I cared not a whit about A.I. ,Virtual Reality bio sensors
nor do you
I realize
by the number if "hits or "likes:" I get on any given day

trust me ..
if "it happened to you" very little else would be on your mind

realizing this...I began adding ...other stories to "the rantings"
more in step with more visceral sensibilities....

 The human mind which "runs on signals and the owner of that mind running on signal nonstop even during sleep is like an unprotected computer and because the mind has "no firewall" if one has been "bugged"with bio sensors capable of both receiving input and out put to first decipher and than assuage neural pathway Private Thought  will (become as obsolete as a horse and buggy and a VCR .. This technology is already here and very much off the grid (Human Experimentation ,always some thing of a no-no* concerning human rights and liberty has been outsourced to the most peculiar organizations...Human atrocities and "war crimes "make for strange bedfellows. Word on high suggests  that the nanotubes just feel into  Neuronautic"s lap ..or the bio sensors  were stolen as if the nanotubes were  staplers and office  supplies snatched by a secretary oat ProxyCyber "artificial intelligence" My Mentors will impart anything to keep me confounded

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