Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Charlotte N.C

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I go to the airport
fly to Charlotte
a man in a cowboy hat gives me the ear pieces and I book a room at the super 6
besides "The Set" which is simply a  souped up version  of something they've been working on called Google Glass
I try the contraption on in front of the mirror and I am glad that I must not wear the headset when I am with David
just the ear pieces
it is primarily so I can get a vague idea of Davi'd predicament being a Hostage viz 5 sense over-ride

my Telecontroler
projects a visual of a post card of Charlotte North Carolina which I see via the glasses
I say
thanks .
whop is this
you can call me Hal though
what about Harry I say
Harry is fine I hear through the boneconductive "ear thing"
and also see a visual of the best places to eat In a 3 mile distance
of the super 6
I say into the mic that I am vegan
and there's a pause.
I imagine Harry has thought "oh one of them.."
than I imagine if I were in david's shoes
I would hear the "Oh one of those.."
luckily I not
and see on the glass that there is a vegan restaurant 5 and half miles from the hotel but it is closed

I try to imagine
the postcard of Charlotte
being interface d not through my glasses
but right over my visual cortex
making me see things
without any kind of headset
as david does

and instead of the  mouthpiece which I use to say to harry " testing testing one to three."
I wouldn't need either
as  david's hi tech  techno
is meant to read  the thought
David would have to think "testing one two three" "testing one  two three"

and his telecontrollers
respond or "telepathize "
 their thoughts one the thoughts of david

the thought"
testing one two three
transmitted to the bio sensors within his telecontrolers bio sensored ..headsets that allow them to mind read
and send input from either a Computer or their own mind or both
directly to David's  temporal lobe

synthetic telepathy it is called this mind to mind
and artificial intelligence has more to do with seeing things by way of an over ride or overlap of victim's visual cortex

perhaps something one might do to a lab rat or monkey with various electrodes
for 5 sense testing but certainly not a human being who doesn't know what is going on

nor would any Jew want the neo Nazi group called The community theater
in their heads
that intrusively

It is too
strange for me to imagine
I take off the headset
but Harry says
no for the next 4 days I want you to keep it on all the time
evenm while you sleep
so you can get a sense of what it feels like
having another
send you visuals and "voices"
we set up camera in the room to
attempt to gage your state of mind ...
with face recognition technology
so the projections and sound might correspond to your actions
also your phone calls
what you see on TV
and how what you see and hear from the tv
might make you make you make ..associations
based on what you mother said happened to you during childhood etc

already I am sick of Harry's voice
who tells me vegan food will be delivered ..that he is not to leave the room
if he must he can tape the headset to his headset
so he cannot feel impelled to remove it

also he is told
that David
is on a social network site to meet guys
and he will be provided with information about David that will pique David's interest
as you are "just his type"
or will play as you are
understand understand harry says into through his ear the voice ,the pitch higher more computer sound .scarierunderstand understandunderstand understandunderstand understandunderstand understand

"stop it asshole or I will take of the headset" David says

Harry explains that this is what they do..and DAVID can't take off a headset
you have to understand
understand understandunderstand understandunderstand understandunderstand understand

for the strangest thing of all I think
is that david also has the ability or dis-abilty of seeing what the telecontrolers want him to see
without the google glass thing

all this
created simply to drive a
a homo
or a mental patienmt
or detractor

that .
when activated
and charged
will let me listen to what the Community theater is pumping in david's ear...or the conductive bone right behind the ear


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