Monday, August 25, 2014

the Tubes

as with most types who look ,speak and compose themselves a certain way who not only SHOW UP but BONE UP on assimilating the attributes that first got them hired to begin with Dixie Shaker gradually but predictably made her way up the ladder of a department that required a quite specific comportment of "self", including the a self effacing quality that often inferred  that her "team" rather than herself had made a "win "concerning miniaturizing the capabilities of a signal inception microprocessor to nano scale .Dixie Shaker was considered not only a asset to the various departments  and compartment and agencies responsible for developing specific advanced technologies that could and would both decipher and deliver interfaced  brain signals based upon the information acquired by bio sensors small enough to bracket themselves to the space between one's synapses. Thought Transcription and subsequent Mind Augment via a computer assisted interface read not only another's interior monologue but also could read and than transmit various sensory perception's upon another's "being-ness"and because of this a great many cross over fields besides medicine were very much interested in this particular branch of study and it's subsequent research and development...including certain organizations that Dixie believed she had left behind.

Dixie, considered a Ruiner by Neuronautics for having the audacity to exile herself from The New Way and the Ideologies of Gary Rainy was unaware that Gary Rainy had begun a "new campaign" to not only lead Neuronautics into the new century with Brain Computer Interface but to streamline their entire methodology of Mentoring with a remote neural monitoring system that could imbue a client with The Neuronautic Belief System 24 hours a day .7 days a week.

So enthralled with the possibilities of this invisible means of Group Minded-ness Gary Rainy encouraged the best and brightest of his members to seek graduate and post graduate degrees in the sciences of both Biotech and Nanotechnology.
Gary Rainy next encouraged his elite group of scientists to leave the sun drenched Annexes of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties to embed themselves in the cold ,damp campus like cloisters found only in or near Washington.

Gary Rainy encouraged" his scientists"to nestle themselves into various departments and agencies working on advanced technologies and asked that "his team" further educate themselves in the intricacies of the Biotech/Nano Tech field and addendum-ize their higher education with specialty services that mirrored the hiring needs of certain difficult to gain admittance to inlets of internship .

Furthermore Gary Rainy deiced that Dixie Shaker, shunned for her contrarious stance on Neuronautics  should be "cautiously" brought back to "the fold"
Perhaps you can imagine the shock Dixie Shaker felt when an old friend from her Neuronautic's days appeared (now in a white lab coat) breaking all presupposed decorum inherent in any laboratory environment ran across the tightly run ,tightly secure work area with her arms wide open to hug the
previously denounced Unresolvable Ruiner .Dixie was at first takne back than elated seeing her former friend who had miraculously ,just this morning vacated a one bedroom in Dixie's Co-Op.

That evening the BFFs shared wine and gossip about mutually acquainted Neuronauts and nanotubes

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