Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dad told me to come out to LA and check on Kevin

saying  he had spoken to him on the phone and that he sounded even stranger than usual, stranger still that Kevin didn’t ask him for money, just to come home.  Last time Kevin was here he stole a bunch of thinkg ,including our grandmothers pain medicine .But Dad said he just sounded so odd and I should come out and bring him back,

 Dear Dad,

          Strange doesn’t even describe it. He looks like himself but doesn’t act the same. Drugs or no drugs, he doesn’t even move the same. He doesn’t make eye contact. He can’t seem to even answer a simple question sometimes his eyes are clear but vacant. he looks good, healthy. He even has begun working out. He doesn’t even smoke cigarettes anymore. But something is definitely wrong. Sometimes he seems very happy other times scared or afraid.

The change can happen in minutes .He has new friends. I know that he hooking again but mixed in with these gentleman callers are what he calls mentors. Some women some men, all well spoken all well dressed. I can tell they don’t like me being here. They smile and say they hope I’m enjoying California but when I look away I can see them give Kevin a look that says when is he leaving. the look is also of admonishment and warning. I cant explain it dad…he sits sometimes in a chair for hours staring straight ahead…I told him he should see a dr. it was the only time since I got here that I’ve seen him go off. he said that’s what they said I’d tell him…he explained the staring and sitting still is his daily meditations. he asked me to please go home. I said id give him his space and stay at a hotel. He grumbled said OK but he’d be very busy and didn’t think he could see me.

But 3 nights ago he came to the hotel. At 2 in the morning, shaking. he said he was in big, big trouble. When I asked him why he said he had smoked 2 cigarettes and had a beer.

….after a few minutes he suddenly calmed down .and said he was sorry for waking me up…but dad there was a change in him that was extraordinary. It was more than a mood swing. he started to leave but I held him down. I literally got on top of him and pushed him to the carpet. I said he wasn’t leaving until he told me what was going on, that I’d hold him there all night if I had to. He said he’d tell me, that he was hungry. Can we go to Denny’s. I went to get my coat and he just disappeared.

I went to his apartment to find him but he wasn’t there.

Same with the next day. Last night again at around 2 in the morning he came to the hotel, he was smoking a cigarette.

“They said I could. They said I could now smoke 3 a day”

He said he’d explain. This time we got to the Denny’s

He was in such a good mood. he seemed to exude some kind of strange charm. Even the waitress seemed to take note. I swear even the dogs on the sidewalk seemed entranced.

Once we were sitting at the booth he took a book out of his knapsack, Enways. You remember we saw that show about The New Way on TV, the one you said might help Kevin? Well, they sure did something to him and he needs all the help he can get

It’s not a cult/they just use intraneural interface technology

to speed up the process. I have implants ‘cause I’d look like a dumbass walking around with a head set, wouldn’t I? They believe in 24 hour a day therapy so one doesn’t slip back to old ways and behaviors. The mentors who wear headsets all have years of experience in the Rainy method. In fact some of the operating neuralists have been used by the Soviets and the British, I forget which, to help break the bad guys. We’re really not supposed to talk about it to outsiders, so don’t tell dad. I’m serious don’t say a word. They can drive you a little  crazy with it. but I’m sure I can drive them a little crazy too. He smiled and ordered pancakes like what he had said was the most natural common thing in the world. And no dad he wasn’t on anything.

“Intraneural  interface?” I asked” like they can  read your mind.?”

“They also call it synthetic  telepathy*’s the new way…it’s about harmonic frequencies. it’s about real love, real discipline, real clans like the way people are supposed to live, as one. not everyone wanting to be top dog or self important. look what that’s done for the world

. *The brain-computer interface would use a noninvasive brain imaging technology like electroencephalography to let people communicate thoughts to each other. For example, a someone would “think” a message to be transmitted and a computer-based speech recognition system would decode the EEG signals. The decoded thoughts, in essence translated brain waves, are transmitted using a system that points in the direction of the intended target. “Such a system would require extensive training for anyone using it to send and receive messages,” Michael D’Zmura, chair of the UCI Department of Cognitive Sciences. says. “Initially, communication would be based on a limited set of words or phrases that are recognized by the system; it would involve more complex language and speech as the technology is used

So they tell you things? they tell you things 24 hours a day?

“it’s not like that, a lot of the time it’s grounding techniques or what they call spinning techniques. Frequencies, senses, feelings. Also regressive clearing techniques, chanting repeating to empty one’s mind of words and unwanted thoughts. did you know that there are harmonic frequencies in nature?you just have to tune in,it’s sort of like just have to tune in. you really should read Enways. It was written before there even was synthetic telepathy.

Words don’t really matter. Someone made them all up. the more we think in words the less we can tune into vibrations, That’s why Gary Rainy took the time to record his neurals. so we can all go where he has. all feel what he has.

When a Proxy does well ,when you think for the team.when you aren’t introspect your mentor rewards you with a brain computer interface of Gary Rainey’s Top key.IF you were introspect or disrespectful to your elders and mentors you get a down key of Gary Rainey’s neurals.A down key makes you feel sad and agitated but it makes you regard your own key you are putting into the Enway and graphing towards your mentors. Mostly I am on a mid key, just Rainy’s workaday neural patterns”

“And this works for you?”I asked, “ being on someone else’s
Key? someone else’s frequency?"

“Isn’t that what people pray for. to feel Jesus in their brain and soul?” or look at it this way, how is it any different than taking Prozac or Xanex?”

“Well i can tell you one thing  Gary Rainy isn’t Jesus. And I doubt very much Jesus would have downloaded his karmic “wave’ directly into someone’s brain”

He poured syrup on his pancakes and I swear he held my hand .and said

“But wouldn’t it have been amazing if he had?”

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