Sunday, March 30, 2014

tonight you're mine completely

For 2 whole days
Denny Pace spent every waking hour
singing to himself-

singing to me
brain computer interface

works like that

how else you think it works?

some might even say it doesn't
and never will
never could.

but if I were you I wouldn't say THAT to loud..

could get a guy killed..

it's a product.
like everything else.

some people deliberately try to sabotage
another person's industry

 because they are without a sense of industry
OR Integrity
Denny Pace
is a man like that

an old Purina cat chow commercial jingle he sings to himself.
thus -sings at me

.. I have no idea how he even knew it..

("what?," I'm thinking,"his grandma used to sing him Old Time TV jingles instead lullabies)

Meow meow meow....26 hours of it

he just thought the jingle in his in his his head was some damn TV

it is

in a way

a very real way

in a way so strange you could not begin to comprehend

but we need to see "how it works "

I know I shoulda brought in what they call our "checks and balances" team

during the "chanting"

that's what the husks do.

to block out the


a lot of chanting and rocking..they tend to ball up sometimes and just hold themselves

they hold themselves

once they realize that holding their ears.

or covering their eyes

doesn't stop it

or block it

it works for us..

this behavior

by the way

just helps the alibi

whose gonna believe someone saying someone using them as a guinea pig to test
Sony researcher develops method for direct brain stimulation

April 19,2005 by Mike Adams  some machinery that doesn't even exist

Thomas Dawson, a research scientist working for Sony, has developed technology  that uses ultrasonic pulses aimed at tiny individual areas of the brain to create sensory experiences, including tastes, smells, sights and sounds.
The new technique could be used  to create more realistic and immersive games, in which you can smell, taste, and touch, or to help people who are blind or deaf. Thomas Dawson, describes a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images. "The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex,. "No invasive surgery is needed to assist a person, such as a blind person, to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds."

in the beginning they go all chatty about what's happening..

thinking anyone ..a policeman ,a dr,...will believe them

they write to every agency known to man

no one writes back...

they go all weepy creepy in some shrink office and
get a script for some awful neuroleptic

til realize that the pills  isn't blocking the "project"
just makin for one dreary
weary interface

so eventually they get used to

"the New Normal"or jump

well Denny Pace was never normal to begin with

so there were 'special " rules

for him..

the jingles...

the meow meow meow remember that commercial?

                      my g-d I will hear that jingle till the day I die

I shoulda went to one of the socially worker types we kept on hand

the checks and balances shit
                   though we are so off the grid nobody is checking
and the only thing being balanced is the dough ray me me me from the  inside info we're getting
from the neural data concerning
marketing strategy
aimed at the
"inner soul"
which to them

is the temporal lobe

but the subject was Denny Pace

usually when someone goes..

semi psycho's either because we want them too..or because "we're supposedly "pushin too hard"

but this seemed to be some kind of offensive attack..this meow meow meow meow meow ..

maybe he was sick of the monitoring

too bad.
I mean
if you're tagged're tagged for life..very much like that shit with those aliens...those greys..
those grey..
good grief
I can "go grey" in a flip of a chip...
how would you know the g-d damn difference

it's that intrusive
Hi -Fi

the Purina Cat Chow commercial
the meow meow meow...26 hours

.he somehow blocked out even the smallest outside stimuli(granted the autistic sa-VUCK didn't have much stimuli..)
and Layla
his ex alcoholic mum
of course
didn't bat an eyelash as he went poking through the cabinets..for cereal singing as loud as he could Meow meow meow meow..
if it were my kid I would smashed the kid into peanut pieces..
not Layla though...

hour 26 he suddenly stopped.
..but tricked us.
sending a visual of a record being turned over.

now it was Paul Anka's voice or something singing

February Chow chow chow chow chow
March Chow Chow Chow Chow


I might not have thought so..if it weren't for the record being turned over..

he SOMEHOW knows we don't usually do the bypassing of his occipitals as all we see are his feet in slippers and that fuckin Barnum and Baily poster kid never even bothered learning how to set up a good point of view shot...with good composition..even when he believed we were nice aliens ..who wanted him (the chosen one) to show us around lasted 5 days him actually being "ambassador enough to actually leave the house show us the post office ,a fish taco place he liked.a municipal park..and his favorite book shop that specialized in Paleozoic crustasionas or some such shit...his main focus in life seemed to be an interest in shellfish and crabs ..he knew everything one ever needed to know about crabs and now so do I...paralithodes camtschaticus...even thinking about Denny Pace makes me wish I had a button in my hand
even on my days off I see Denny .."pretend" brushing his teeth...for his mom's sake....hear his sniveling stuttering v-v-v-voice"ma!I brushed my teeth"
I swear you never seen such bad oral hygiene..3 seconds with a glob of tooth paste he spits out .ON the sink ...doesn't bother wiping it up..that's MOMMIE's job..

the sound I make isn't what you may presume

the key to being a good using the ambient sound such as a fan or an
an air conditioner ,,the vague sound of the woosh of traffic outside..and next blend your "voice "in with them...using the "white noise"
as a baseline..
think about how many sound are around you...
one's you never focus on...
I do.
It's my job..
if there is no sound I backtrack to my library
your library of collected neural responsive
that you equate with depending on the "tone" of what I might like to Impart to you
always raising the pitch more often than lowering "communicate"

the commune between us naturally
corresponds to what you are thinking, as a second program is always scanning your inner monologue...
for topics
of interface

a layman might presume that low pitch is what's scariest

for instance on a Halloween's always a low pitch voice going Huuuu hahahah whooooha ha..

not scary at all.

but if say you sped up the record

.....and heard the pitch very very high

it would be scary and disturbing. ..

moreso if it were "played" not through your ears...but with the tech that by passed your ears entirely..

but people ,subjects,husks
they get used to it..
but they're always annoyed by it.
so much so that many
just lose it completely
jumping out of windows.slicing their wrists....
rather than turn the anger or frustration in
turn it out on others''

bang bang bang,,,opps the voices made me do it..the chip inside me head..

still others
they have some idea..
intuitively perhaps
aliens or demons.
communication that can drive one crazy.
can be met
initiated communication of the Proxy's part
that can
drive a Mandler crazy
it works for a while but they're inevitably adding wood to the fire
I let them think they're winning
or getting to me
they do not realize I am not always "listening" that sometimes all they are to me is a lot of paper with words on it..

I still have to put on the headset and do monitoring.
make sure they haven't gone and done something that may put them outta play "too soon"
or worse outta range
of the little theater
Our Brothers and sisters who lead our "prox"
with pantomime and props...Denny who rarely leaves his house unlike must "tagged" Targets
doesn't get the extra fun
of being influenced
by our actors..who help cue
the rube
perhaps .
I am getting as claustrophobic as Denny.
but an autistic needs no "outside" everything is inside"

I think my job was to break him of that cycle but now I do not know.
maybe my supervisor wanted
a library of neural data about King Crabs and Mollusks.

I don't believe Denny is autistic
...paralithodes camtschaticus or no ...paralithodes camtschaticus

the Purina cat chow for instance..
or Denny purposely watching strange TV shows
about skin diseases or Pica...or any of a million things one simply does not want in his mind
he is making sure
I think..
he knows
he is connected to something
even if he believed he was connected to schizophrenia
a schizophrenic BELIEVES he is literally connected to something "out there"

damn right he instigates IT

so naturally
I have to defend myself from the little bugger
and raise the pitch ...and wait for a period in his reads most suited for inducement
while I push a few buttons that make his anxiety spike...and impart to him
that there are people
who wanted
a neural read of Denny having his tongue cut off.
so they could have something titillating to take home with him

I told him yeah maybe we were just people who liked fuckin with losers..
hurting them for kicks.
that we used this telepathy cuz we were not just space men but demon space men
in fact I interfaced

"Right now two sets of
demon spacemen hit men types were
setting up quarter down his street.who were listening Right Now to the "Chow Chow Chow reads.
and it was all I could do to tell them
to just cut off your tongue
they want to cut off your ears and eyes

Denny quickly stopped the chow chow


something is up...
he began reading things on line all of sudden
fucking Layla
telling him," He was "instigating them"

set him on some bizarre train of thought
that fucked up all of his Mandlers heads
fucked up all of his reads

he no longer believed we were space men trying to learn how a human thinks..

we had to come up with "some explanation"so
we,the Tele-Operators is what we're called in house..or Mentors...or sometimes we call ourselves Man-dlers
get it?
we have an all nighter....can we....just say WE are your schizophrenia!!...we are Voices in your head...
but how often can we say this...
so we settle on
we are now
we even get books and read all about demons...and we set up the transmit "all demon ..all the time"
but ya gotta remebr
this was all off the cuff.

so it's a lot of repeating..

a lot of just reading back whatever the kid is's called drives most people crazy in days
but this autistic motherfucker.
already things in mirrors and loops...
he's like superman
deflecting our every

I noticed in one of his reads he had watched the movie hostile until his mom shut it off.
Layla treats him like a baby
But I sensed he got a jist of the film

and I told the other operators
we go "Hostel" we go real
we go note for note with
the info he finds on the internet
not only
but it's all true
and all happening
for what
for what reason
it's fun hurting people!
and SOME people PAY to hurt people
..after all nobody believes
in a genuine working .up and running network of brain computer interface and transmitted Immersive reality .artificial intel ..str8 to mind..

no more goblins or demons
or aliens

from now on
we tell HIM everything

I interfaced that there were people
who wanted
a neural read of Denny having his tongue cut off.
in fact I interfaced
Right now two sets of
hit men types were
setting up quarter down his street.who were listening Right Now to the "CHOw Chow Chow reads.
and it was all I could do to tell them
to just cut off your tongue
they want to cut off your ears and eyes
Denny quickly stopped the chow chow

the world over would know they could be scanned
read and
judged by their Bettors.

that there would BE not more off the grid
and the equipment would drift into the public's
world view...
as just another app
that one needed to keep up with the Droneses
and to keep
a watch one the Less Thans
that looked at their
Bettor's with a palpable envy..

be honest with yourself
you think as I do.
You worked hard to get where you are
and sure as shit don't need
shifty or weird looking
on the sideline's
within earshot or your visual point of view
ruining your

not just that
you don't want some
Unresolvable spreading their neurals (their jealousy in particular) into your

that's what I was thinking sitting their with Book end white coat
...He wasn't like us
like the guys .the real guys I drink with...
he was skinny .didn't bother lifting a weight..
white coat was too good to sweat it up

still.i had to take him my neck of the woods..
guy had never even been to a club before..
never seen a college gir on X dancing with her top off
next we go
to some dive bar
there I am sittin across from this creaky table with a guy I wouldn't be seen with in a line..
(whitecoat didn't want to sit at the bar)
him all smiling
we best buds
dumbass didn't know all I wanted was to learn how to use the "other" stuff the pulsed ,the frequency can do to a person.
Hand's Off..
read somewhere they can like use psychotronics to give someone a lobotomy with like a fuckin remote control man

said he was surprised
Denny was matched up with me..
"what 's that supposed to mean egghead?"I wanted to ask but just smiled.

"i'm not hard on the guy...Denny and I are tight..."

I did my part
covered the "firm"s part
made sure Denny was labeled El's our policy to go all Gaslight Horrorshow on them to make sure the records show at least one hospitalization
so nobody suspects about the experiments
as if.

Whitecoat mentions the third time
the third hospitalization
the third time I explained I was trying out some new material on Denny..

"Mary said you were sending him insects...everywhere he looked was an insect..and you were mixing in sounds of cicadas and introducing movie loops dealing with parasites that would eat his flesh if he did not begin praying to the voice and offering him alms or practicing a sort of :lent" for his tele-operator and only eating one quarter of his meals,,

"he was putting on a belly..I thought I was doing him a favor ..the insects and the movie loops were part of our job right test threshold"

No...testing thresholds is for the parolees and prisoners .Denny Pace is Autistic..we don't run "special tests" on autistics..we study them and try to find methods to help...

"he's a faker...he 's a malingerer as you say....he loves it...He wants "big boy" tests everyone treats this 22 year man like a child...some Momma's boy..I am the only one who cares about manning him up..My goal is to get the son of a bitch laid...move him out momma's house.

"by driving him crazy with Occipital over rides of slithering centapedes..."
:you don't understand The Process.You're not a think I push Denny hard? well you've obviously not taken Neuronatics classes..humiliation and fear...caus ethe primitive part of the brain to kick in..

Tru wondered what Mr scientist thought of REAL SCIENCE not usually found in any book

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