Tuesday, February 4, 2014

don't knock the bots

 and don't knock the Nauts dumbo

a half dream.........
i had to take a pill.they hate psychiatric meds...they don't believe in
unless it is they
making you insane
...i want them to speed it up
i don't like their world.
their reality.
their overlap
when the novelty ends
you realize
there was /is no follow up...not even a half finished world..
just bits and pieces..
of in continuity..
they don't believe in god.
but god made sure there was
composition in the world
and a sense
even if it was/is a false one
of hope

they show you
like braggarts there is no hope
unless one can manage to undo any interface from the past they found distaste ful ,mean wrong ,sick,selfish,weak,envious,frivolous,trite,redundant

i want silence
i want my own eyes my own ears and ....

faggit ruiner Tru Christie Barks...
he begins speaking inhiswhirlwindvoice

people write badly .
about  neuronautics
often end up naut"

you had fun with it dumbo......Tru Impart a rare musical interlude michael jackson's do you remember the time
do you remember the time
do you remember the time

i don't have to remember 
the son of bitch 
all but rewinds me 
to burbank blvd 

.Hoffmann's first love is Olympia, an automaton created by the scientist Spalanzani. Hoffmann falls in love with her, not knowing that Olympia is a mechanical doll ...

OOOOOOOOOoh what fun we had with that

Tru sends an image of himself dressed as a fop. a dandy
       his wrist dangling
       his voice lispy.
he pictures himself  in a theater
dancing  with a blow up  male sex doll
he swings the doll around and pulls it close to him shoving his finger into his open distorted mouth than he turns the doll over and sticks his fist up the dolls's

 ..."falling in love with love is falling for make believe..."he sings and i wake up...but it .but he continues

idiots who talk of things
they have no bizzness talkin about often end up tongueless..sport,he intefaces in a more manly voice
who play or  make
idiots who make  fictions of missions way above their understand
aren't always standing for long are they
they tend to get strapped down to beds.
or worse..
or worse i transmit keep living to be your fuckin tv show you sick fuck

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