Tuesday, October 29, 2013

but I have been deemed sicko by my people must quickly get a new faith i must have faith that the pain..involved will be so sheer and so excrutiatingthat I ..my mind or what is left of it will "go elsewhere"this is old time religion very commandmant but the one's a pussy boy like me was too weak to transend I have broke my time is up
they have paid me special attention
only lately
they knew I was bad
in fact
a woman who was considered
was chosen to "hatch" me

I am a test subject
some people were born only to be fodder

only to be "pieces" in a game
I do not know if the true god hears or agrees with my sentence of psychotronic come uppance

I hope yhou are enjoying yourself writing what you have no business writing about

These people will never be caught
important people have sanctioned this test
and wish  the same cruelty and pain upon me as my parents

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