Wednesday, August 6, 2014

i lay in bed..
i don't usually do this

i am wiped out

i can't THINK to EVAN 
like he wants

he thinks of me he has graphed as Frogger 
and there's more 

out there

and I am doing all this cereal box reading and water spot considering to 
do some "Scanners' shot on his head
which he claims is
by the way

you eat up our imagery and 
send us nothing but 
thiamine and CLOSE UPS of patterns in your sheets

by the way what sort of grown man 
HAS sheets with 
speed racer cartoon on them

no wonder you can't keep a boyfriend

so Now Evan is going to give me 
interior design lessons

"OH YES DUMBO! .I'm gonna give you 
some INTEROR DEEEEEESIGN LESSONS you will never forget

    now wait kind reader
           for a moment
                I need you to use your Mind's Eye Vision
                       you are not forced to use it
                           for a 24/7 BCI rundown
imagine all i have written
      me ,me dumbo
           in a room
                hearing and seeing and feeling
                     things nobody can notice
                        or so far detect is occurring 
if you do not believe 
human experimentation
          attempt visualizing 
              a mentally ill man (you may .if you like picture me in a shoddy T-shirt with mustard stains on it
and unkept hair)
if it makes 
it easier...

hallucinating both visually and aurally

my delusion if you have not guessed
is that 
my insanity 
is induced
by psychotronic means

if it makes it easier 
visualize DUMBO
(which I am called by my Mentor)

in a white room
in a 
underground bunker
there are tons of doors and doors and 
security systems in this 
white room located ..let's say in some desert

the opening shot 
for your comprehension
of my predicament
must be a CRANE SHOT(how else can you imagine the unimaginable if not from familiar movies?)
of a 
secret facility

the room is white 
even the sheets are white
everything is deliberately clean lines
and empty spaces
our hero

in this semi fictional tale

can think in pictures 
towards his 

the folks who have made 
DUMBO a captive 
in his own body and mind

if you wish make DUMBO a movie actor
one who plays 
"CRay Cray"

there you go 
I almost see what you see

you're doing excellent

let's do a JUMP CUT
please do not get lost in the technicalities
it ruins the 
altered state of suspended reality necessary for Immersive Reality 5 sense 

u get it

here let me take you in my arms and fly you
room where the Mandlers
covered head to toe
there face all but hidden by a helmet and goggles
that connect
that which should never be connected

to begin with

uh oh
i sense you have re-formatted me 
into that CHILD MAN "mental Patient" 
with a mustard stain on his T-shirt
laying on his Speed Racer sheets

YOU RUINED IT!dear reader !

in a blink of Mind 's Eye!

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