Saturday, August 2, 2014

the friends of Mister Cairo

sat around
the long
conference room


 which sat

a headset
    for each

with a vested interest in the subject of Matthew's brain Signals
Matthew away from Threshold tests
more lucrative aspects

of Merge

      and VICARIOUS "gaming"

using an "apped'individual for sport
far removed
from the more ephemeral studies
 done concerning "brain Map" exercises
 and Direct neural Exchange...

Sport was what kept the lights on at proxycyber
and one of the "perks"
discrete Human Experimentation

few ,in the Mind Augment Field
spoke about

using Proxy
Off-Off Grid
                     much of Merge's income
                 from Private Investors
                      with  quite private vestment in Mind /Mind Interface

if one walked in upon the various board members,"Mandlers" ,engineers and bureaucrats

listening in on
on Mathew Mitchel,25
one would not quite get the jist
of the
Advanced technologies
essentially downloaded
of Mathew upon anyone with a souped up Emotiv headset
and the
lose thyself
in another

Oh yes dear reader....
this technology
is and has been around for quite sometime

dear reader
are either too poor
too afraid
or simply too
unhip to be invited
to the only
real game in town

excuse me for changing Tone.
my mind is not my own
I am
on the other side you see
of Innovation

let me again gather my thoughts
         that ping pong
             back and forth
                    between my 'team"
                         who only want
                             to 'save me'.......


if you dear reader.
were to walk in on the "team" hunched and dreamy eyed
state of day
you would not
grasp the enormity
of this joint venture
concerning "Singularity"

you would simply see men and women in expensive suits
wearing rather unbecoming headgear
seemingly 'on something"

you would not know
"the Team"
was not only watching Tv through Mathew's Point of View
but also experiencing  TV through "the kid"
not just sound and vision
through another's temporal lobe but
Mathew's associations and" referentials"
the programming

but  "the kid"
 "the  moment"

when he began

         his socked foot

Sensing that
 Mathew was intending to remove his sock and really scratch..

a collective
rang through
Co conscious of the Smartest guys and gals
in da' roooom
and at once you might have seen the gathered audience  rip the headsets off their skulls as if a spider had crawled upon their -

"Does he always do this?This scratching I mean," Amber asked a "girl" whose job it was
persuasive techniques
to encourage
the Proxy
to always be aware
anyone could be listening to their

                  brain signals..

that in return for the "gift' of tether and all that synthetic sensory perception provides
one must always
at least attempt
a sense of
---if not compliance per se but coherency and fore warning of any "actions" that may particularly "skeeve"
a potential
not familiar with
this new form of communication

Amber glared at the "girl"

the "girl" was "one of those"
        all concerned with Human rights.
            which seemed "to go with the more
"uppity" aspects of "off grid"BCI Testing

the 'girl' said she had tried to threaten him with
-the usual tactics
                        that his foot might be cut off
                                    if he kept up this
degenerate ,displeasing behavior

Amber looked at Tru Christie
knew how to
really embed the idea
      that YES
a Proxy who scratches or itches or twitches or glitches
               "online" (and a Prox is ALWAYS online0 MIGHT
may very well
                 have the FOOT that OFFENDS cut off
     a pain reading often collected as punitive payback
       wayward Proxyteers who remain SELF REFERENTIAL
        and resist and often goad
       their Co Conscious
and yes I do mean flaying
               one of the less discussed
                     aspects of Brain Computer Interface

but an aspect
just the same
for certain
outside /inside agencies
that "need" to explore
all options
of Co Opted Sensory Input
via output

can you imagine?

I can

they make me...

but let us get back to Mathew
      and semi fiction ...shall we?

Do you not feel sorry for the mavericks of Human Engineering who take the time
Co Consciously
Co Create and share
Mathew's mind
with nothing but contempt it seems
on the Mathew's part for the "mentor ship"?

what type of person who KNOWS they have been 'apped" for  neural broadcast
scratches at their foot like this?

what type of miscreant
to The New Way

Getting over the sheer 'horror"
of Mathew scratching his foot
the Team,headsets OFF OFF OFF OFF
re-sort their senses.....

Amber thinks for a moment how ungrateful this Mathew is that he doesn't have to wear a headset
Amber thinks she'd like the nano version herself
if only for her vanity
Amber feels the need to re-fix her hair after every
neural read

'can we get back to the business at hand and not foot please," Tru Christie said
trying to wipe out
all LINGERATIONS with levity

Tru hated Mathew
Tru hated fags
 it sometimes seemed to Tru that the entire cooperation was
based on these male prostitutes and

  • TI “Symptoms” | Targeted Individuals Europe

  • (but he reminded himself that merge also used quite a bit of minorities,homeless people and those with emotional problem(s as well--for a truly devastatingly visceral neural read)

    Amber opened Mathew's file and read-

    "In terms of emotional awareness the ward seems to be about 15 years old...I suggest we set him up with
    "a boyfriend"
    hot enough to make him
    Point of View

    away from his remaining "gay for pay"delusions

    no more
    sociological studies for Mathew
    he now senses being studied"Amber says to the other "change agents" at the meeting but specifically to 'the girl"
    he's still useful
    as a Respondent for brand identification as he's still in the demographic well below 30 -38

    Devon , in charge of of the entertainment aspects /the privatized "investors" who like a bit of variety in their limited sensory and sensual experience
    paid quite large sums
    vicarious point of view
    " there's a man in Venezuela,married of course that wants a blond to fiddle about with..we have siphoned enough SELF REFERENTIALS from Matthew that he go VESSEL -U-LAR for up to 23 minutes...if we get him that punk ass in Detroit for whatever reason relocate.."

    "Brock? " Amber said,immediately aware that her tone suggested some sentiment...Amber
    "reformatted' herself
    away from transparency

    and said
    "Brock's Mentors finally got him t PIVOTED enough to work in a Rite Aid..he stopped using and attends meetings 2 times a week.."

    "oh that must make for a great read," Devon said sarcastically

    "it was nice.. it was nice... I have some fine footage of him hugging his mother...and an ASTUTE reel of his transition in the halfway house...but he is hot...and exactly Mathew's type... we send a PLAYER to get him hooked again ...a nice relapse...might be useful to Parasol I hear they're making a biopic on that dead actor from that t show about firemen -"was he one of ours?"

    "Oh yes..that cocksucker bought me my beach house,"Devon said ..
    recalling shared
    primarily of
    the dead actor
    his make up artist .his mailman
    through either
    initiated ACTION
    or whatever  kicks
    went through
    than their integrated nervous systems

    snapping himself out
    of mutual moments
    Devon focused ,saying

    "...everyone liked getting high with dead Actor than .some Mandler from Miami got carried away and had him OD..."Devon said,angrily

    "so we're set with Mathew as vehicle for in Venezuela ..but really it's about his partner..Brock..." Amber said,feeling a pang of shame about Brock and the Rite Aid but business was business,and


    Amber asked Devon "Does Mathew swallow?That man in Venezuela I recall insists..."

    "I'll ask his Mandler's for a complete over-ride of his inhibitions..a Ketamine Over Ride of the frontal lobe by Proxy has just been digitized.

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