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to lose one human Subject may be regarded as misfortune ,to lose eight just looks like carelessness

The word “Cyber "is derived form the  Greek word meaning “the art of steering

it was not a far cry for Jacob to
christen the restaurant he designed
as the restaurant was set inside Merge Industries (a "start -up" Mind Augment Company with
rather peculiar ties to a notorious "Church/Movement" that
not only believed in "Group Thought"
or "Hive Mind" thinking
but had managed to "get in on the ground floor " of making
this New Way of "Being"
a reality
with the help of a few carefully placed members of "the Team"
certain agencies on the forefront of
Mind to Mind and Brain Computer Interface "advanced technologies"

Jacob a former mentor
co-opted his Neuronautics Education (Jacob had reached the plateau of Level 9 OT(Operating Tele-Presence "mentor"
which simply meant he had the
of managing
the brain signals
"participants" in the
New Way of" Synthesized Tele- o-pathy "

while the "subjects" chosen for any number of reasons (including a standing bid /contract to
outsource early parole for prisoners who agreed to have
the equivalent of an "ankle bracelet"
around and about their dendrites
with "insertive " nano transmitters
that in essence and in reality
transcribed their brain signals into a "common" language
that an OT
could successfully study and thus retrain
both the subject's evoked potentials and pre neural firings
in such a way previously
thought only
possible with
nano tech once bonded to synapses and neurons
were in the long run much more strident in their
assuage than
any chemical cocktail
Neuronnautics did not believe in Psychiatry
but did believe
whole heartedly in
altering one's Emmitance
a sort of "auditing " of  private thought process

Jacob ..was benched by "the Team" for his
unusually "harsh" methods of "psychic driving"
with Brain Computer Interface
that Jacob claimed
were in accord with
the previously "face to face" methodology of
"commandeering" a "member's
neural pathways
to a
more "clear" and "conscientious


his superiors however reminded him that Mind to Mind Augmentations with "the chips"
required a "rather more"tapered
version of
Induced Rectification of Emmitance

and was "relieved of duty"for what Valerie Prentis semi jokingly said

"To lose one human subject  may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose eight  looks like carelessness."

while suicide was often an inevitability
of an unsolicited "testing" with both A.I. ,Immersive Reality and Brain Computer Interface
the Powers that Seize
regarded Jacob's Exuberant Enthusiasm
as Tele-Operator as
more Sadistic than Efficient
and politely offered Jacob
a position at Merge that did not require either Hand's On
or "Hand's  Off   /headset On" non lethal
mind correction

at first Jacob was reticent about
managing a restaurant that only catered to employees of Merge Proxy Cybernetics
until he
came up with a theme
that corresponded to
The New Way
Group Thought
that primarily
required the subject to not
be "subjugated"
as much as be "in tow" with the "redirecting of Self Signal Variable Evoked Potential
the basis of Neuronautic's founder Gary Rainy
Communication is a cybernetic process, ever dynamic and constantly changing. When Person A transmits a message it travels in a forward arc to Person B who responds, and a return message is received by Person A.  The response arc contains a variety of messages, verbal and nonverbal and should affect what Person A transmits next. The success of communication lies in extracting meaning from the response arc and reformulating a new forward arc that moves the conversation in the right direction.  In cybernetic theory this is called ‘adaptive control’.  By constantly varying the content and delivery of the transmitted message a rapport loop can be quickly established between conversing parties.  This is known as the technique of ‘pacing’.

Cybernetic processes are governed by the Law of Requisite Variety which, stated simply, says that in any process operating systemically, the elements in the system that have the greatest adaptability or variety are those that gain control. In other words, if Person A constantly adapts their forward arc (based on the information from the response arc), they will be able to influence the results of the interaction)
the suicides of Jacob's "wards"
were simply taken by hard core "old school" practitioners of Neuronautics.
End Result Equations
and a type of
Self Exiting for The Greater Good
the subject 's Self Realization that their Emittance (brain signal systems) were
Too maladaptive to serve as "Socialized"Survivalism
that was the heart of the  Neuronautic 's Movement
Jacob researched many a restaurant -eer
to conceive of a "theme" or novelty
that was in keeping with
The spirit of Neuronautics
and finally decided
pepper the floor of the dining room with box turtles
the scurry of customers would
topple over
it would "be up to" the customer
of  "Steerage"
to decide
the turtle on it's back
should or should not be
by placing the reptile
on it's feet...



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