Wednesday, August 6, 2014

how i met your mother

i wake up
and see what i first think is my Mandler sending me a visual of some abstract art

but for a moment
the black and white "painting"

which I see in mid air( as Proxy often do)

"re Pro nounces "itself,redefines itself as if someone had Undid an extreme effect on Adobe Photoshop
and I see
the abstract
was a deliberate blurring of
a Missing Poster
you might see in a post office or police station
similar and not so similar
to a boy or girl  on a milk carton

even for the few milliseconds before the unBlur.the message(missing poster) was
as blurred,rendered or not...there is a specific layout to missing poster


i think
like they made my father missed?
like they made my father's mind toward the end?

as in
some Harlan Coban novel?

I had been thinking about
my father who passed away some years ago under strange circumstances-
who had once told me
he had a premonition
he now believes was

i believed at the time my father was out of his mind

our last conversation involved him ranting on about "the cat in the hat"
and how
obviously the kids parents  in the children's book had hired the cat
to cause an imprint on the children the cat in the hat visited

"and don't be fooled Perry..."my dad said,"the cat doesn't clean up the messes he causes.. the messes ,.like your mother
(whom he despises MORE than the dirty bastards who PLACED
are manufactured
 to steer things in a certain direction..."

sure dad sure I said..
what else could i say

my father
must have seen or heard my condescension ..for he slammed his fist on a coffee table so hard the table's legs broke

Controlled Access Technology and Silent Sound
was what my father was working on
it was before i was born

he had patented some very early
ideas and prototypes based on the frey autiory effect

and thought according to him
he'd be wealthy and
set for life

in 1962

my father was happy bachelor
in 1962
but one day
my father said he woke up
KNOWING it would soon end.

his bachelorhood and in retrospect,his happiness

it was the day I met your mother

it was peculiar
the song"Something"s Coming running through my head
you,the song from   West Side Story

i couldn't make it stop.the song
i swear i looked every where for some out side source

I s even thinking of tearing down a sheet of wallpaper to find some emitting device

.'he said,"you work with silent sound all day long ..silent sound is on your minde said ...and maybe your mind plays tricks

the song stopped...

just stopped.just like I had never heard it...
 about to finish my coffee when the door bell rang
...a man in a pinstriped suit

who looked vaguely like Van Heflin the actor
stood there

and said,"if you want to be happy for the rest of life .never make a pretty woman your wife."

before  could ask the man why he rang.
for surely he had not rung me to
quote  a pop song the man was half way down the steps

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