Friday, August 1, 2014

Project Woodhouse... head full of "ruiner"/operation FLIP .TOP.BOX



 The Dr .




his wife



with "The Help"

and the workmen

who seemed to him..

reluctant to understand the discretion of their task at hand.

as the paint had already dried

and some idiot had already

"set" the room up to be a Nursery

the installers

looked at him  as if he were some kind of deviant



A child is very sensitive
and their nervous system seems rigged to
sense danger
...this is an innate sense ,a primitive response to
what hides in the dark...

 we  do not want                             our babies
to hear a small click when the recording begins.

although their Situationals are created what we need to glean
is their
Inherent Response
to these Evoked Causation

if the child becomes aware of the experiment

the child
will have to be

"reconsidered "-name withheld upon request

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