Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the sqeal on the bus (the down low)

the twenty something on bus 23 looked liked a nut
I dear reader. And not you may use the term nut
I have,,,the symptomology and diagnostics
be classified  ...
 a nut myself
and with this liberty I remain assured my ramblings
as innocuous
as can be

imagine dear reader if I were to write of being driven too synthesized madness via tele -metry
if it were all true
imagine the terrible risks I would be taking
Merge and ProxyCybernetic's
human testing
with nanotubes and

dear reader. Dear dumbass reader
who I assumes I write a fictional tale.
who assumed that one's temporal lobe
cannot be smitten and smite
by a few
extra Hz from a cell phone
and such

you.dumb ass reader
who assumes
I am not writing for my life here
between your inane posts
pussy cats and inspiratrional sayings and "neat" cookie jars you saw and photographed at some urban design center
where you were with
so and so
who I just saw LIKES Gaza airstrikes .the band
I also notice gaza airstrikes is trending and green day might be producing a follow up to American idiot

 the nut looks like something from central casting(but than again these days so do I.as would you if you were hearing and seeing things 24/7
and being
cued in spite of yourself by
whom I refer to as The Community Theater
who are like
civic inspectors for
"made men" like me
made or played
,,,I cannot often decide for there
is in fact some thing quite addictive to having a mind that truly is no longer your own

The Community theater functions much like a set of playing cards
in fact one member of
the Truman Pose
dressed up last June as
a queen of spades to gage my neural response
to such showman ship

the nut .the nut on the bus
or the young man in his twenties
on thw 21 bus playing nuts
had out done himself
in costuming
a haircut that looked as if it were done with a cereal bowl and some sewing scissors
a bright green t sirt worn with the tag in front
on his feet one blue sock and one red sock
one of his sneakers had a piece of electrical tape on the toe..

his crooked smile and tics
(a rather "to the cheap seats" take on tardive dyskensisia
 a warning
this placard  of "man"
to go with
the nightly hooooowl of
"what happens to Man Child's who speak to much about psychotronic human experimentation.
in spite of his
"mental patient " drag
there is something strangely sexual about him
and I wonder if it would be wrong to "come on" to an actor playing a "placed person" who's
role establishes him as

"not quite there"

the woman sitting next to suddenly gets up
as the bus is  at her spot
the Nut quickly takes over this now  empty
seat although there are many empty seats all around
still very much in character
he takes advantage of the
breach in social interaction
not thought to be part of the lexicon
and begins chattering away
I have been hospitalized
an jailed quite a few times by my mandlers
 for not
following the fold
of "Futures" and In-House R and D
they took me for a vagrant
they took me in
gave me food and drugs
according to them
would expand my mind
I didn't know than about nano
I didn't know
that the mucous membrane went straight to brain
and that's what the nano was for
str8 to brain
at first I thought it was the meth making me see and hear stuff
but they said it's
Hive Mind
was Neuronautics
and neuronautics was the future
for mankind to survive..
that Gary Rainy
more than a man
but the lord of man
he had received
information telepathically from some gr8 entity
that foresaw bio tech and brain computer interface and A>I>
and nano
and that only Gary Rainy
knew that this mind reading technology could for once and all separate the
ruiners from the learners
at the time I put all the talk talkin down to some meth freak tooled out of his mind
than I
realized days later
when the sound and images didn't stop
that they owned me
they said I was a level one
and had to take classes at the annex and live in a hotel in north Hollywood and
do what my betters said
they said I was riddled with
entities from
millions of years
and I hear them and saw these entities that only they could remove
mentoring and audits and sessions with Mentors
they said I could be gay but only
if I was gay for pay and brought money into the Group
they said they had a movie company
in Van nuys
and that sex was good and porn was good
if it brought in money
they told me about a man named Smedley Butler
who with only 50 thousand men could have
changed the way things are run
if smedley butler wasn't a Ruiner
he looked directly in my eyes nobody likes squealers
or squeakers
he hits my knee hard
hard enough that there could be no way
I could assume the punch was friendly but quite the opposite
I make a move to move and mumble something about "next block is where I get off'
he onlt moves closer practically smashing me against the window
they put electrode on my palms and
camera close to my eyes to see if I was a ruiner

the nut's  demeanor changes
he asks if I can give him a dollar and that they're having Asian salad at lunch at the Day Program
he goes to now that
he was found to be an unresolvable ruiner

maybe I should have kept my mouth shut he says no longer in any character what so ever

he immediately moves to the front of the bus
and I see he has left
a tract book of some kind
Beginners guide to Neuronautics
I page through the booklet and see a photo of myself with it's eye's penned out

I assure you one cares less and less about keeping unsolicited Technological Mind Augment
on the down low
one can barely wack off
without a
Qand A on why I am more and more drawn to bondage videos
(I graph to my mandlers
this really got a hold of me*
seeps into
the "why not take all of me 'ness of remote neural monitoring

I am reminded of that tv commercial
of the man aiming some pushbutton at his dog to train him
how far he should go
I always assume that one day the dog will
simply run out of the "zone" of the invisible
to regain some degree of independence
even into a speeding car


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