Monday, August 4, 2014

Mind Craft

feeling bad about his tweets Adam Parker  decided that he would help Mindy see that she could find resolution to her problems by joining Neuronautics and had his assistant send her Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enways"

prior to joining "The New Way" Adam had had his own problems with drugs and alcohol
Adam like  many people were
literally transformed
by Neuronautics and The New Way's rigorous

Only Tru Christie is headsetted for a genuine 2 way interface with Indis O'say
Valerie ,wiped out from
initial "sessions" on Mindy...
had asked one of her team to place the young starlet on
Over Ride
and a  very specific Brain Computer Interface
a Turing based
automated algorithm
designed to "break a newbie" into

The first "bot" was simply
a gathered neural
of an obsessive compulsive with both body dimorphic issues and a rather extreme
neural misfire
concerning impulse control

to those outside of Neuronautics
modified Level one Course load now modified
to "work"
with the 'chips"
might have seemed extreme but
Gary Rainy said "extreme "thought jive" calls for extreme "thought transcribe"

the girl would be fine

if not
The Girl
probably was a "secret" Unresolvable .all along.

Proxycyber and it's sister institutions
had 'apped" Indis O 'say
after a "scout"
read a pre -print of Indis' first novel based upon the alleged "Businessman Plot" of 1933.
Indis had gall if nothing else  ,Valerie thought,reading the somewhat meandering,rather "jew-ie" intellectual diatribe of Indis' semi fictional first person narrative of  both Smedly Butler and Prescott Bush simultaneously

not surprisingly the hectic , "artsy"novel went to number 3 on the NY Times Best Seller was not surprising
at least to Valerie
as she  had placed the book there herself as Parasol Pictures (which owned Parasol Press )NEDDED
a good fit
for the than relatively unknown actor
Adam Parker
who would play Butler.

Tru Christie had agreed to "sponsor "Indis
once his "apps" had settled into his temporal lobe
and the usual "get to know you"  neural reads and neural
over rides were
induced upon
the "Proxy" or what some in Neuronautics called the  7 deadly sins..
every sort of gathered
mental aberration known and not known to man
uncut .unedited
directly upon
a "client's"
brain signal system

Rather unusually Indis did not seek psychaitric help for his imposed ,induced
"mental disorder"
rather Indis "bought"Tru Christie's explanation via interface
that indis had been "chosen"
for "private counsel"
with a nameless "alien entity'

What ego these "artists' haveValerie had said to Tru, knowing the "been chosen" bit had been used  over 187,000 times on various "hacks" in one  psychotronic form
another since 1992

the technology had progressed(they no longer had to bonk someone over the head and send anyone into the hospital) as predicted to now be small enough to enter a "person of interest's system through skin to skin contact,inhalants and potables

the 'stories" however were not "quite"
in step with the times
which to 'some" degree were also created by Parasol Pictures and the various "event planning" that went beyond anything that could be created with 'traditional" staging.

Valerie rather liked Indis.
she liked the fact that he ,unlike so many others "apped" by Neuronautics "rolled with " the notion that quite simply
he had been sought by space aliens
to 'interface" telepathically
as if he were
a tour guide
to "how humans think and feel " on earth.
it was refreshing to be inside someone
who shied away from "all this' brrrrrew hah hah
about Human Lab rats ,targeted Individuals and "electronic" white slavery to explain their 'tether"

Valerie listend to Indis
listening and responding to the wordless
"Mind Craft"
that Tru Christie "saw" that
Indis "saw" as pertinent
to help him
script the
"ballad of Brock and Mathew"
which already had over 30,000 intra neural  spectators
on it's docket

Indis rose from his 'reverie"
rose from his bed
and cast with his pen
the "meet cute" of
the two "apped"druggie whores

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