Friday, August 1, 2014

Inway to the Enway

"what is a symbol," Valerie asked
 the Participants
 in the prison
a nice looking man in his 20's raised his hand
"a symbol is something makes you think of the thing it stands for"The prisoner said
"very good Valerie said...that's exactly what a symbol have swatstika on your arm...what is that a symbol of"
"Brotherhood...Purity" " the prisoner said
"very good ,"Valerie said
"now can you tell me .  what a logo is ..and how is a logo different than a symbol..."
another prisoner raised his hand
and said ,"logos are for companies "
 A logo becomes the symbol for the company’s identity,often a logo uses uses pre-existing symbols to impose it's response....logos are visual....the eye sees a symbol it is either familiar with or will become familiar with ... the eye SEES and next brain signals are sent to be understood by the Visual Cortex located in the back of one's head...the signals are very very fast and cannot YET be measured or "read" but eventually they will...
Now why is that important.?

Why might it be important to "fix" correlations
in  another's mind

                 Valerie looks around and sees a hand in the back row..

"to control how another person responds?" the prisoner says

 Valerie says ," I don't really like that word control how about the word persuade...when one persuades another...the other has an opportunity to negotiate the other's suggestion...If the individual truly believes he or she''s  perspective is the RIGHT ONE the individual can over ride the other's suggestion that they have a more attenuated sensibility...but more often a group has not thought about
many things and has not the ability to block  either visual or aural stimulation....usually a group or leader who assumes influence enough to attempt to TEACH another How to SEE and thus BE has gotten to that position because THEY have the correct view .. symbols can be used to  unconsciously influence another how to perceive the world...if everyone were viewing the world as if their own private perceptions of it were THE WAY we would have chaos..."

Valerie asks two of the prisoners to help her pass out Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enways"

"There are men in the world..
who are not quite OF this world
 A man such as this is Gary Rainy..."

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