Monday, August 4, 2014

drag hell/ ticket to heaven

Reporter- "How did you survive taking all of those drugs?" 
Sheen- "I'm different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got Tiger Blood."

EPA Used 10-Year Old Children in Illegal Diesel Exhaust Experiments

(1)-Mindy Seers, one of Parasol's best child stars who had made the mistake of wearing a T-shirt to the Young People's Steeple Awards depicting what appeared to be soldiers torturing naked men in Stress Positions...

the rich-
actress/singer/humanitarian and spokesperson for Proxycyber's new wearable  "version" of Google Glass 
woke up to the \\\noise /// which sounded like Mindy's  least favorite aunt

 making a condescending clucking|\\\ sound ////

                        the \\\sound//// thought Mindy ,didn't quite go with
the \\\\ sight //// of her deceased grandmother
                           making her infamous "shame shame " gesture with her two fingers

the "mash -up " of the
\\\\sound /// of Mindy's her least favorite aunt -who she had not seen since a 2009 Skype
that seemed to focus almost entirely on the "negative aspects" of her 2 week " relationship" with
a female hip hop star that resulted in the " inexplicably " leaked filmed footage of a Innocent finger fu*k
in the back of the hip hop star's Lexus

and NOT on the more positive aspects of the implications of "girl power!"

with the
\\\\\IMAGE///// of her favorite deceased Grandmother

as if in a loop making
"tisk ,tisk"movements with her index finger
was jarring and terrifying. Mindy had never hallucinated before.
Mindy closed her eye. Only to see and hear the very same sound and image in her mind's eye.
If anything her keeping her eyes wide shut was worse than keeping them opened.

"A ghost?" Mindy thought ,like the Ghost in her last film "The Unseen Fiend"
an angel like the one in  her remake of "The Song of Bernadette"
or an alien -like the one in "Encounter THIS!" the film that won Mindy a MTV choice award

Mindy picked up her phone and called her mother
in a fit of fright
trying to focus her attention away
from the "ghost""mash- up " of dead grandmother / braying aunt

Mindy tried to concentrate on the
six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall cream colored rabbit
                           she had
                           been given by a  hunky Key Grip
                           whom she "dated"
                           while she and Adam Parker
                           were filming a remake of "Harvey"
                            or Parasol Pictures

                           her mother picked up the phone on the 2 nd ring
but before Mindy could confide in her what she was seeing and hearing

Mom told her that Adam parker had tweeted some very mean things about
and her T-shirt at the Young People's Steeple Awards

and that her manager
had called her at 5 in the morning
and requested that both Mother and daughter
work on a

in fact maybe symbolically you should wear the shirt
inside out
in reverse
several weeks earlier
mrs seers didn't know who else to turn to but Valerie Prentis
who had discovered her daughter
at an open casting call
at The Mall of America 15 years ago

mrs seers explained that ,"mindy was out of control" with the drugs,the alcohol AND her various  "explorations"-(Not.Mrs seers said ,just incase,THAT ..there's anything wrong with ...

"I understand mrs seers "valerie said..

we are quite concerned ourselves..
but there may be a New Way to help Mindy
her having to shut down production
( a remake of "Fantastic Voyage" with Adam Sandler )
that was essentially
rehab in a pill

valerie explained that the nano "chips" were experimental
and could be slipped into her daughter's food or beverage if mrs seers truly
felt that an intervention
could help
the poor soul


in her spare time
"trolled " the web
searching for
  new "talent"
  art for Parasol's new Tribeca office

she came upon a artist
who seemed to be working out of state funded
homeless shelter for the mentally ill
and decided
to download one of the artist's JPEGs

....Valerie asked her assistant
to have the JPEG
made into a silkscreen for a T shirt she wanted to give to

mindy seers is too young to understand that stress positions were also what the good men and women defending our way of life found themselves in keeping the animals in line
miss seers only knows about stress positions in a silver lexus

feeling bad about his tweets Adam Parker  decided that he would help Mindy see that she could find resolution to her problems by joining Neuronautics and had his assistant send her Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enways"

prior to joining "The New Way" Adam had had his own problems with drugs and alcohol
Adam like  many people were
literally transformed
by Neuronautics and The New Way's rigorous

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