Saturday, August 2, 2014

 so called good people 
cling to this idea of you know why
because they have such little else to cling to
...besides self righteous RIGHTNESS of MIND

....ever notice that "good people"
don't rise to the top
they don't often have what it takes to attain prominence
they're "too good " for it ya see..

they're too busy "being good "
and saying,"please and thank you"to "WIN"at anything

and if they WIN
they are' oh so surprised that others , that the Big Boys who RUN things and GET THINGS DONE
have little use for this type

I look at liberals and intellectuals like I looked at the kids always picked last on a sports team...the ones who are afraid of the ball and afraid of the tackle ...afraid of "The Game"

so called Good People
don't and won't have what it takes
to "go where no man has gone before"

inside the human mind.

-Gary Rainy (April 5 1982 Tape 354)

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