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the go -go 80's(Neuronautics re-groups)

Public torture accomplishes the goal of
showing a population
Not To Be

Some forms of torture were considered too gruesome to be presented to the public and these punishments
were doled out privately
often without  a public trial

 these gruesome forms of torture were carried out
because the interrogative techniques were designed to
encouraged the alleged "criminal "to speak
of  matters not for public ears

The rack was often used to make a political enemy or one perceived" the enemy" of Church and State
confess their crimes
more often than not the victim eventually said anything to stop the pain

More discrete forms of behavior modification by "Proxy'
were used to show the public how  "Not to Be"
such as forcing an adulteress
to wear the letter "A" upon her person

Other "non-lethal" methods of public humiliation were used (Tar and Feathers, The Laughing Stock)
to induce a crowd of people to see what happens to those  "outside either the law or outside the "virtues  of the times

in the 1930s Mental Hospitals and psychiatrists were encouraged
to create forms of punishment ,torture and tools for interrogation or psychological augmentation
by using their knowledge of cause and effect conditions
who better than a psychiatrist to
turn psychiatric healing
into psychiatric hurting
insanity upon a subject
by mimicking conditions that caused mental illness
be simulating the devastations on subjects
leaders learned how to
intrude upon a man's most private possession
his mind

and experiments in
psychological torture began

"to drive a man mad one must first know what that man considers madness"-"

Often man is driven crazy by dis -arrangement of perception
In combinatorial mathematics a derangement is a permutation of the elements of a set such that none of the elements appear in their original position.

in the 1970's computer programs were created to
emulate schizophrenia. In the "down time" between technological advancements of perception augment (neuro linguistic tapes,the use of hallucinogenic)
primitive variations of Persuasive Technology was implements

similar to bone conductive "hearing" in Google Glass
in the mid sixties called Voice to Skull
as the sound could be directed to one subject

a far cry from a genuine Brain Computer Interface ..but a start

to attempt to create a "conversation" the subjects reactions to the Voices
were assumed by advanced visual recorders
and Mentors
well studied in body language and pattern recognition regarding specifically eye movement

tv was used ..also as a way to gather crude reactions in terms of theme
and a kind of "open space"
of response based on situation

to further confound a subject's sense of reality
"placed Persons" often followed the subject
to create "street theater" situations intended to confound the subject
or cue the subject more towards
an altered sense of reality
Gang Stalking is often called Gaslighting


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gas lighting or gas-lighting[ is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity  Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

Evan reports to the other counselors
or what his father called  "Teams"

in the early 1980's Neuronautics rebranded itself
as not only a personal self help "change agent"
but a business model
to encourage
Group Think Solutions

Gary Rainy used many names for
his 3 day empowerment seminars

Integrated Integrity Systems Strategies
than just
just the "Strategies" Program

PR representative in charge of Neuronautics image
that the name Neuronautics not be affiliated with
"Integrated Integrity Strategies"

 Neuronuatics was
receiving bad press
about it's "primal" methods" and Harrassment" of members
who chose to leave "the Group"

it hardly mattered that everything the Mentors did to their Mentees
was done FOR their Mentees
and just because those outside the organization do not understand our
does not mean our ways are wrong
Gary said publicly
it was around this time that some of Rainy's private papers concerning "Jew-ie" thinking
and  his theories that intellectuals became intellectuals because 
they were homosexuals
too afraid to either examine or act on their needs
thus their mind goes haywire and they think too much...for nobody likes a homosexual whether they are "out" or not
also a long essay on how Black people should be welcome to join Neuronautics
as defenders of the fold
Gary Rainy wrote ."that although Black People are free...intrinsically
they need to be told what to they can know who they are for..or against

to introduce Neuronautics to
the "lessor" communities
Gary Instituted the Purposeful People Project
which donated time ,money and mentoring
into an after school program
based upon the ethics of Neuronautics

The PR agency
in charge of packaging the "GrouP as
a likable
user friendly  alternative to traditional organized religion
convinced Rainy to
not only not publish his theories on homosexuals and intellectuals
or Afro Americans
but to shred the artcles,essays and notations immediately
the PR firm told him that people might misunderstand "his Progressive Science"


it was about this time, when Gary Rainy
felt his ideas were being blunted
or taken as "folksy
that he met Raven Mismanage
who had the youth ,face and race
that Gary thought telegenic
and thus perfect to Lead


previously the committee reviewed client case by how much effort they put into their
if they had for instance memorized the three doctrines of The New Way

  1. security of self
  2. purity and purity of self
  3. re-surgency of selfhood by commitment to the Group
many of the groups assets were spent updating their
patented techniques
to bypass
False Thought
and focusing on
True Intention of Thought
early on Gar Rainy
realized that words
created by others
often elicited False Reads
and that technology was needed that
focused on other means of
physiological response that could not hide be hide
one's inner monologue

although each level one -3 client
used traditional
"I say-you say "techniques
many of these sessions
now had the added

of purchased
facial recognition equipment
that also worked with
a camera that measured for instance  the client's dilations .Heat sensing equipment also served to
gather any 
with held
once again generic
via film and tv
was often used to
act as catalyst. For
self refererntial considerations

This archaic equipment was a forrunner to fMRI
scanning devices 
to  further gage
a client's
true essense

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