Friday, September 20, 2013

no social worker "hold it right there buddy" laws yet to water down and regulate effect

"you give it as good as you get" the guy I call air control guy graphs
he's pissed I amseeking legal counsel which is says is what a wuss does..he says I am  getting all greenpeace-ish again and fat
and he can't even make up pornographic interfaces he can truly "get into" with me all human rightish crybaby paunchy

more passive aggressive silliness..that paunch
I suppose to go with
taunting of so called  "Mandlers"

now don't you think the term Mandlers itself is  a derogatory term
meant to cheapen the proceedings?
that term  you made up
"to get a rise"

..we entertain you all day long.You don't ever explain what we do ...for it is OUR business
not you...
we are open to your exploring
our intentions
as we are quite open for the most part to let us  let us glean your intent and follow through
or lack thereof
we scare you sometimes
we need heightened reads

so that in the future
 in the private sector when a consumer  wants a heightened experience during an Immersive Reality Game or Program
we can give them this heightened state based on our studies so that exaggerated arousal, for instance won't
give a Immersive Reality participant  a stroke or palpitations

.some Mandlers hate you
 because we set you up intentionally  with advisories
and counted on such animosity

 what is computer gaming without
of such stress

as this gaming will be and is  mind to mind
it is important that levels of genuine "hate" is  measured

Tru Christie is not fond of artists ..or "know it all " types or precocious Free Thinkers
and more than you are fond of "company man " presumed rigidity
so he is a good match  for you

surely an artist such as yourself can understand the merit of "going the distance" and saying screw what others think
if I or we "go to far"

THIS is how we gather data
it is the only way to do this
there is no hand holding here
no social worker "hold it right there buddy" laws yet to water down and regulate effect
so yes
we want to get an awful lot accomplished before
"the Man" as you call him comes along and says
we need some dainty social worker to make sure no one gets hurt

this is new a man
there is such a thing as good sportsmanship
and taking the good with the bad graphed this to Tru Christie on August 4th
Tru Christie was in fact,IS in fact the reason you are no longer smoking crack
don't go writing yourself as some perennial victim
law suits go both ways

Tru Christie went all out helping you modify your behavior
in return you wrote what ?thought what to him?
what did he ask
stop talking to your little finger
like you're that kid in the Shining
so you concurred it was juvenile
only to buy a small puppet that day
and converse with said puppet
when we were trying to see if one with auditory overlay might be able to take a bus cross town without it "showing"
well,may I say sir .
the day was ruined by your puppet routine.
this isn't some Summer Stock production of Dumbo is a Wanker
and than
you write the embarrassing scene in full fucked up out of your mind on crack
with no reguard to anyone but yourself
fully aware  that he or we  could not or would not write back because
this is
an off the grid
a Gentleman's Agreement
and you my friend are often not a gentleman any more than Tru is
you are not  Candy Jones as you write.we told you to skim those books get it over with//and we told you to never call yourself a TI
you're our little monkey boi
that we like playing with and torturing
you love it
you're hardcore when you're not a whiny bitch pussy
druggie scum
you're regressing
when you write that
we are doing ops on you
dumbo u wouldn't know an op from an Ocean Pacific T-shirt
you are an "op" in yourself
 with your nasty porn and ultra violence interfaces of satellites falling from the sky
which I must admit you always take back you're I'm gonna get you sucka" shit

you're a good guy
goofy enough to "pull it off"
but lately
a lawyer?
you want restitution?
we want little Dumbo back who didn't care about money or targeted individual outlaw this and that
hippie hype.
soon you'll be writing mind control manifestos and holing yourself up in Montana send mail bombs or something to protest technology and fun
Candy Jones huh?
when we are simply trying to separate neural firing from your demographic black and white
states of being
so that a consumer might one day be able
to move back and forth between telepresense and their present state of existence
you keep writing that we are such and such and making you "Manchurian"
my friend
you don't even tie your shoes half the time
I simply cannot see anything Manchurian or Candy Jones about you
everyone thinks their Jason Bourne in the beginning

it helps set the mode
it helps one play have some true gravity(like if you don't shut up about it Dumbo we will seriously run you over with a car...just enough you will be paralyzed and thus incapacitated we will still play you like roulette wheel )
but we have told you writing what you do bandy jone Nathan Jones jenny jones
and you
thinking all the while you're fuckin Casey Jones when little dumbo WE know is simply Jonesing for a porn over ride
or some dope
writing your jaburwanker jive Gonna
 get you on a list
and not for Gaming .man
we take absolutely no responsibilities for your rather
"far out" take on things
we treat you
as YOUR kind must be treated
as a RAT such as you deserves
using the net to cry Help help help
fuck you Dumbo
does anyone have more help or mentorship than you

obviously I did something wrong
or thought something wrong
I didn't do the credit card thing...I am broke
not that mandlers care about  those common realities
for the most part my mandlers are old skool Real Men
(not child man art fags like me)
who believe in pulling one self up by bootstraps
never mind I am and have been bootstrapped like a fucking puppet by
this is no excuse ....
as one of my functions is to see if one
can not let it show

I fucked up early wearing a sock puppet on my hand and speaking to my little finger ..who I called Tony of course
which made THEM
I was mocking them

The aliens.yeah aliens

they also hate the theorizing and subsequent "looking up" things
or visiting the library or talking to various
bio medical..or computer scientists specializing in cybernetics or A.I.
truth is
you do this to someone
that someone or something
more and more has less and less
respect for the apps
not more.
as if their perceptions
their ever lessening respect for me
who to them possesses absolutely no moral compass or integrity
how one maintains a core self of integrity when
shift changing
"space men" are going Carrie White on his bio sensors
is beyond me
in the 1960's some of these wild men
participated in other
"trippy things" one simply should not do to another man
to try to disassemble one's selfhood into
different "personality types"
so one could presumably retain information
in a "don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing" scenario

problem is one
goes to a shrink
or drinks alcohol
purposely to fuck up the Sybil shit
and than 
it all goes to useless
like me.
further and further outsourced..

let them kill me..
I wish for it
as you may see if you read...the blog..even skimmingly
fuck em"
let them for once spend some dough
and hire a hitman

(tru Christie graphs people at DomeCyberProxy wouldn't need to hire a hitman asshole...they would in fact PAY to be able to put you out of our misery)

I wonder if it's the "faggity" lookin hairnet
that Tru has to wear to telecontrol this freakshow
I even graphed that Tru shaved his head thinking like the community college grad he is
that with a shaved head there is even less "buffer" between his intentional wickedness
that he imparts to my homo hostile hippocampus

there is no undoing this "scanners' meets "Hostel" by bio sensor relationship between Tru Christie and myself

tru Christie
owns a good many shares .
in this techno
I have gleaned from "word on high"
 Tru Christie dear shareholders should be given some time off to gather himself ..perhaps he should be placed in a less stressful position
  in my mumbled opinion was a big baby
going into this venture
I cannot help but wonder what else he may do impulsively and indiscriminately with other matters of commerce and product development
he does not work well with others
he has promised he will rip my head off soon after this experience is over and place it on a stick
he says it will be his first piece of outsider art
and he will keep it outside so others may enjoy "the piece"
a big baby
who didn't know how to operate the damn thing
That damn thing which is me..
I am telepathized sympathy
by kinder mandlers
who admit shareholder or not
they have no idea why "The powers that Seize"
let that maniac
who hates you in such an extreme extremist way

(don't fuck with tru Christie
don't think bout tru Christie in a negative light
an certainly don't write in depth about Tru Christie...
now think about this for one second dear reader
think if this would be possible
Now don't think about the previous sentence you just read
and when I type the word
don't think of a domino
don't picture  a domino in your mind
get out a ball of clay and make it into a
the shape of a giraffe so the word domino
leaves your mind.
WTF you say
is state of the art

it's called an off switch my friend
maybe i'd be a bit more agreeable if I had one

people who will pay for it will have one
people who will pay for it
LIKE you Dumbo

Tru Graphs
all he wants is me deAD

he believes all the "dumbo" he has intercepted
will die with me

as if his head
will be cleared of our endless interface

he hopes for eternal sunshine of his rotten mind

so help me if possession
real possession doesn't exist
I will see to it
if the matrix is being created I am sure
there are names
of the first they tried it on

those that have no sense of right or wrong
or balance or humanity

just money and power
and self interest
and some fucked up sense of
and payback
you fuckin put this shit in me asshole not the other way around
if I step on a rock
it's towards him

the guy needs a bit of "re -educating himself
as for the bad guys
doin't kid yourselves on that point


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